Saturday 09 December 2023

What Do You See In Your Child’s Eyes?

Today we swear by our screens – iPad, smart phones, laptops, television etc. there is no limit for screen time and this applies to the kids too. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that eye problems – infections, dryness, high number, blurring of vision etc. is common among kids.

The lines outside pediatric Ophthalmologists in Mumbai are longer now. In fact, this is true for any city. Children all over the world are addicted to screens. For children related health concerns, consulting child health care experts, specifically child specialists in Mumbai or any other city is fastest trend to follow.

Most parents are under the impression that a Pediatrician can solve all baby, toddler or child related health queries. Yes, they can but they may not be specialized in different areas of expertise required to treat different problems with kids. for e.g. if a child needs his eyes looking into, to give a proper diagnosis, a pediatric ophthalmologist is important. Plus, a pediatrician cannot check a child’s eyes to see if they have power issues or prescribe wearing specs. Going to a pediatric ophthalmologist is important because –

  1. This is because children can be vague; often they are unable to explain what exactly is wrong with them – are the eyes really itchy? Is there pain in the eye?

  2. These tiny adults are unable to handle medical questions asked by adults and medical practitioners. As pediatric specialists, these doctors are trained in dealing with kids. they are more patient, are cooperative and have a relaxed approach. They understand a child’s psyche.

  3. Additionally, a pediatric child specialist will have equipments specially designed for children. Their clinics or offices are designed to welcome children and make them feel at ease. They are colorful, decorated with toys and games to make the child feel they are in a happy place and not somewhere where they might get a shot!

  4. In short, it is a non-threatening environment for kids and they look forward to their appointments much to a parent’s relief.

  5. When a pediatrician suggests that your child needs their eyes to be checked, going to a pediatric ophthalmologist ensures a wide range treatment options. These are extensive and comprehensive, plus the expert is extensively trained specially for eye-related functions.

There is no margin for error where a child’s health is concerned. It has to be treated correctly and therefore, child care experts are to be consulted strictly.