Friday 03 March 2023

What Is A Lanyard and What Can It Be Used For?

What Is A Lanyard and What Can It Be Used For?

Whether or not you know what a lanyard is, it’s likely that you’ve seen them many times as they’re a prominent feature in a variety of contexts, from small offices to international events. Being such a useful, multi-purpose item has seen them find favour with millions of people around the world in recent years.

The modern lanyard is a loop of material that is usually worn around the neck. It features either a smaller loop at the bottom, or an attachment mechanism of varying sizes that allows for theattachment of many different items. The material loop can be coloured, patterned and sized in a variety of different ways to reflect the personality of either its owner, or the company that issued it. 

Practical Use

Lanyards have been around in one form or another for over 500 years. They were typically attached to swords, and later pistols to prevent them from being dropped or getting lost. This still forms one of their primary functions today.

In the busy world we now inhabit, we are carrying more and more items around with us on a daily basis. Each performs a function that we depend on for work, entertainment or security. Phones, mp3 players, USB sticks, keys, ID cards – all of these things are essential to our daily lives and yet all have the potential to be easily misplaced. Lose your mp3 player and you’ll go without entertainment but if you lose your keys or ID card, things could be much worse.

What Is A Lanyard and What Can It Be Used For?

For this reason, many people choose to have their most important items attached to a lanyard. This not only helps to prevent them from being misplaced or stolen, but also ensures that such essential items are always at your fingertips whenever you need them. But these are not the only reasons for lanyards… 

Promotional Use

Companies are always looking for ways in which they can market themselves more effectively and at a lower cost. Branding and corporate visual identity has become so huge, that simply having a visible presence is often enough for both existing and new customers to connect with a brand.

This explains a lanyards second primary function as a promotional tool. It’s standard practice now at trade shows to see employees wearing lanyards with ID badges in their company colours. This promotes engagement between companies by making identification easy, but crucially it also allows members of the public to connect with their favourite brands.

Additionally, they can be used on a personal level to promote causes, charities, or simply used as a fun way to express yourself. Whatever your reasons, getting lanyards from couldn’t be simpler.

Every individual could do with having their everyday essential items easily available and every business, no matter how big or small, needs to keep branding at the forefront of their attention in order to grow.

With modern manufacturing techniques, the range of styles and colours available makes choosing the perfect lanyard for you easier than ever before. Whether you’re putting on an event for the first time, or you need something promotional for a well-established brand, the only difficult part is deciding which type of lanyard to get.