Tuesday 28 November 2023

What Is Carpet Padding and What Is It For?

When you hear the word “padding” you will probably associate it with comfort, and you’d be right. Carpet padding (also known as “underlay”) is a supporting pad that is placed underneath a carpet and while most people think of carpet padding only being used with wall to wall carpeting, the fact is that a carpet pad or cushion can be fitted under any type of area carpet or rug.

There are a variety of carpet pads or cushions available and most examples of them are intended to accomplish three purposes: to absorb sound, provide a more comfortable surface for walking on and a reduction in the level of stress placed on peoples back and legs while they’re walking on carpets in Brighton. This extra cushioning is crucially of importance when the underlying floor is a hard material such as concrete or something similar.

What Is Carpet Padding and What Is It For?

Three Different Classification

Carpet underlay often comes under three different classifications. Foam rubber pads are inexpensive and work well in the home. Sponge padding is stronger and ideal for an office environment and homes with busy traffic. And fibre pads are very durable and work extremely well in high traffic areas, like manufacturing plants and other such buildings where there is concrete flooring. All of these classifications, can provide a wide variety of options in both thickness and density.

And not that long ago, a fourth type of carpet padding has arrived on the scene. This is a natural product and a pad made greener, often recycled and more environmentally friendly. Using natural fibres, this kind of underlay wears very well and will easily last for many years with the right kind of care.

Choosing the Right Kind

Making the choice of the perfect carpet padding for an area can be difficult and while softer pads will provide more comfort, they are not always the best selection for a high traffic area. For places like hallways and stairs, it is usually a better idea to fit a thicker pad with a high-density construction. Softer underlay works great in places like bedrooms or other areas where a traffic is minimal.

You might also consider checking out manufacturer’s recommendations which come along with the carpet and will be explained to you by the professional fitting the carpet. If you are not sure about the kind of padding to use with your carpet, have a chat with the carpet fitters or use the guidelines above to help take some of the guesswork out of the process.

Several Kinds

Due to its importance in the fit and feel of your new carpet, carpet underlay is often available in a number of types to choose from. Usually, the padding is available in rolls with standard widths. The length will depend on the size of your room and can easily be trimmed to allow it to reach perfectly from one end of the room to the other.

May your new carpet and padding look and feel just fine!