Thursday 09 March 2023

What Should You Do After Breaking Your iPhone Screen Accidentally

Did you break the screen of your iPhone and want to know what you can do now? Wondering, what is the cheapest and easiest way to get it fixed? Here is everything you need to know about replacing your broken iPhone screen.

Breaking the screen of the iPhone has to be one of the biggest first world problem. In this article, you will know what options do you have to get your iPhone screen fixed.

Since doing it yourself is not recommended, you have basically two options, either get it repaired by an Apple Store or choose a high-street repair service that is renowned for iPhone screen repair in Dallas.

Apple Store:  Before going to an Apple store, you should check the warranty status. You can visit Apple’s website and check the status of the warranty of your iPhone.

One Year Manufacturer’s warranty: Mostly, the damage to the screen occurs because of accidental damage. The bad news is, Apple warranty doesn’t cover accidental damage. So what does it cover? The warranty covers formation of a hairline crack due to manufacturing defect – which is also covered by consumer law.

Your phone is out-of-warranty: If your phone is not covered under the above two, you will have to pay either $129 or $149 depending on your iPhone, plus the applicable taxes.

If you look closely, repairing it with the Apple store makes sense only when you break your phone too often. Moving on to our next option, which is getting it repaired from a high-street repair service.

High-street iPhone repair: Even the best high-street iPhone screen repair in Dallas will cost you less than what you will pay to Apple stores. The repair will be quicker than most of the Apple stores too. If you don’t have your phone already covered under any warranty, going to these stores would save you a lot of time and money.

If you have planned to go for one of these stores, consider the ones that have Apple-certified technicians. And have very good record of customer satisfaction. You should always ask for warranty. Only a good and genuine Apple product repair store will provide a warranty.

Don’t do it yourself: If you have repaired a couple of home appliances before and think this is one of those things that you can do it by yourself. With due respect, you are wrong. If you do this, not only you will lose the warranty, but also you may damage your phone.

Apple phones don’t have a protective shell for their battery and if you mishandle of puncturing it accidentally, it will get damaged.

Bottom-line: There are many complex calibration processes that are needed to be performed on your iPhone for its MultiTouch, Proximity Sensor, and other sensors. It is thus important to get it repaired from a very good Apple repair store like Experimac North East Dallas that has skilled technicians and good reputation in the market.