What To See For Families In Las Ramblas

Las Ramblascannot stop being Las Ramblas: this emblematic promenade of Barcelona,which despite being saturated, becomes a must for the visitor. But it is not only the charm of this boulevard but the charm of many places like the Liceu, the mosaic of Miró or the Boqueria market. All these gems may be found in Las Ramblas and make the rental apartment in Las Ramblas for families an enjoyment for every member a few metres away.

The Wax Museum

Almost reaching the endthe Ramblas, in a very suitable place to walk with children and to appreciate the mimes and human statues that entertain equally to parents and children, we found the Wax Museum of Barcelona.

The Wax Museum is the perfect place where you can let fly your imagination and children can be photographed with celebrities and where they interact with horror stories, with extraordinary journeysto other times of Barcelona through its own Ramblas and many other activities designed for the whole family.

As if that wasnot enough, within its facilities accessible even without ticket we have “the Bosc de les Fades”, a cafe-pub of fairy-tale as reads his name. A place to enjoy a cocktail while our children enjoy the decoration of characters full of fantasy and where a “storm” of light and sound show takes place every hour in this imaginative forest.

The Ham Museum

Facing the Boqueria market we can find a tribute and homage to the Spanish product par excellence: the cured ham. This ham is aproduct whichappeals to the whole family and whose taste is a ritual and a more than appropriate product to enjoy with all the beloved in a celebration.

Nothing more and nothing less than 8 exhibition halls where everything surrounding the production of the cured ham is explained: from pig rearing in the typical Spanish pasture (“la dehesa”) until it reaches our plate perfectly sliced. And because this museum surname is “experience” (the real name is not ham museum but “jamón experience”), the museum consists of a combination of audio and video where interactivity is always present, until the climax end where we can enjoya tasting of 4 types of hams.

The Columbus Monument

It’s okay… we have omitted the Boquería Market and the Liceubecause they are so known monumental elements that they stand out at first glance and yet, we include the Columbus Monument. Why this disappointment?

This is because not all families visiting and staying in the Rambla repair the secrets behind this tribute to the “discoverer in capital letters between discoverers” in form of a column.

In addition to a tourist office and interpretation centreof the monument inside the base, this statue hides a big secret: inside the column there is an elevator that allows us to go up about 50 metresto the hemisphere beneath the feet of the statue, from where the city is seen from aunique perspective. It is the feeling of being inside  an emblematic monument. An experience that should not be missed.

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