Wednesday 08 March 2023

What Types of Content could Improve your Facebook Page Activity?

You need an effective marketing campaign to raise the number of fans on your page. However to some extent, the content you post could also help you generate traffic. It is therefore always necessary to produce content that entices the users to take an action on it. Given below are some basic types of content that can improve your Facebook page activity.

Photos and Videos

Although multimedia content has the ability to catch the attention of your audiences, it primarily depends on the quality of the posted photo or video and its relevance with your fans. However, the photos and videos have different and respective end effect. In fact, users are more likely to respond to a photo than to a video. As a video takes a while to be viewed, it must have something to force the users to like, comment or share it.

Questions and Surveys         

Questions and surveys have proved to be very useful in engaging your audience. Differentiating between the two, a question is a single query with three or four options to choose your answer. On the other hand, a survey is a set of questions aimed towards a specific subject. In addition to improving page activity, questions and surveys also help you to gather public opinion about any situation. To acquire a more detailed and helpful opinion, there must be a large number of fans on your page. To achieve that, you can promote your page with ads, buy FB fans and run an extensive marketing campaign on your own.

What Types of Content could Improve your Facebook Page Activity

Information Graphics

Information graphics or info-graphics are pictures delivering useful information about your business through graphical representation. In simple words, these are the visual representation of data, information and knowledge. Different examples of info-graphics include maps, charts, tables, diagrams and hierarchies. Unlike regular photos, info-graphics can absorb users’ concentration for quite a while, as they contain text too.

Quotes and Writings

Quotes and writings are basic content and take seconds to post. Quotes can be typed or copied just as cited by the original source, while writings include any text that you post on your own wall. This could either by a typical statement or useful information from your page. Posting regularly keeps users’ interest in your business page.

Once you’ve acquired the basic knowledge of all types of content, you can easily determine the content required on your page.