What You Should Know About Banner Printing

What Does It Mean When a Banner Is “Digitally Printed”?

Vinyl banners are coloured and lettered in essentially three different ways: digitally printed, vinyl lettered and painted.

Vinyl lettered banners are ones that are made with PVC letters and symbols glued to the actual substance of the banner. These are useful because they are versatile, but they are not very weather resistant. The glues that hold the letters and symbols on the banner tend to break down under the stresses of the rain and sunshine.

Painted banners are very obviously banners that have been painted. The advantage of this is that someone can hand paint whatever he or she wants on the banner. You are not bound by the constraints of a printer or a computer. However, you can only make one sign at a time as someone has to paint them. Also, the signs will lack uniformity as they are all subject to human error.

The most reliable choice for banner printing is digitally printed banners. That means the actual PVC banner passes through a printer that laser prints the letters and symbols on the banner. The advantage of digitally printed banners is that they are the most weather resistant making them ideal for indoors or outdoors. They fade slowly under direct sunlight. Also, since the letters are printed on the banner, they cannot peel off the way paint or vinyl letters will.

Why PVC?

PVC is a material in the vinyl family which means it is an incredibly durable material that is also flexible. Because they are made of vinyl, PVC banners are weather resistant. They do not fade very quickly under sunlight the way some other light reactive materials might. Also, since PVC is water resistant, the colours will not fade very quickly in the rain. Also, PVC is rip resistant. Banners can be equipped with holes for flag poles, grommets for hanging, or strings for displaying, and you do not need to worry about the banner ripping at the spot of the hole. ‘

Why Mesh Banners?

So, if PVC has all of these amazing qualities, why would you ever choose anything else? Well, in a very windy outdoor environment, PVC might not be the best solution. You can cut air slits into your PVC banner so that the wind passes through somewhat, but you will still be putting a strain on your banner and also distorting the message.

A mesh banner is made from a polyester material that is breathable. Since air can easily pass through the banner, you do not risk the banner ripping in a high wind, pulling off the pole or becoming distorted by the constant battering.

You banner will hold its shape better than a PVC banner, even one with wind slits.

Since the holes in the weave are so miniscule, you can print any assortment of colours, patterns, symbols, and words. You can print anything on a mesh banner that you would normally print on a PVC banner. Banner printing options should not be reduced just because you live in a windy environment.

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