Sunday 09 May 2021

When To Start Looking For A Private Tutor

If you are looking for a private tutor and you think you need a professional tutor for your child to improve his/her performance, you need to consider some aspects before getting started. Here are some questions you have to ask a teacher before hiring him as a private tutor for your child.

When To Start Looking For A Private Tutor

  • What subjects do you wish to teach?
  • Do you have an interest for these subjects?
  • What is the local going price for your place?
  • How much experience do you offer in those subjects?
  • Are you willing to drive? How much miles distance can you travel?
  • Will you ask for travel fees? E.g. 80 pence for two miles
  • How much time per week/month can you commit or spend to tutoring?
  • Would you be willing to offer guidance services from your place?

These primary questions are crucial to ask your child’s instructor so that you can set new plans. Normally, the teacher holds on three to four subjects and offer high-grade quality tuition only to the subjects they have peripheral interest in. You must show what you are looking for and highlight the subjects of sciences: CHEMISTRY, PHYSICS  or MATHS- than to ask for basic ballet, Russian, or cooking!

To hire a tutor, you must have to check the price of your local area for tutoring. In this way, you can set the limit of your instructor. Don’t buy the cheap services of the individual that charge high fees. Also, don’t pay flat for non-professional services just because you can’t afford the good trainer. Look for the optimal solution, the tutor offering better services at affordable prices. If you are willing to pay extra for tutees as the travel expenses highlight your additional fee per mile. If is indeed a better option to get training for your child at your home place but for this, you need to separate a dedicated space/room so that both parties find comfort and ease. They can perform well only when they are comfortable. If the student’s age is less than eighteen provide your child with the good lighting and large table so that he/ she can focus on their studies.

Once the above problems are solved you can now create a good profile as a next step. That includes:

  • CRB CHECK if you have one*
  • Qualifications if you have them
  • Previous tutoring expertize
  • A short description of your teaching method
  • Colleges or Universities you have studied or taught at
  • Any references or feedback you may have from old child in writing

In brief, these are the valuable factors to consider before hiring a private tutor:

  1. They are qualified
  2. They are experienced
  3. They have references
  4. They have an encouraging behavior
  5. They offer feedback
  6. They are within reach
  7. They are flexible
  8. They are affordable
  9. They are punctual
  10. They are approachable


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