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Which Common Issues Students Are Facing In College Admission

Which Common Issues Students Are Facing In College Admission

We all know what it takes to leave your home for higher education. In fact, leaving your country is much scarier than leaving home. But the worst part is not this neither the accommodation problems in the unknown country. It is the process of college admission that suffers the students a lot. Being a local or international student and applying for the college admission is a very challenging task because your fate would be depending on those whom you never met. Your record and test paper are the only representation of you in front of them. They will decide your future not just on the pieces of papers but on your interests and professionalisms too.

Which Common Issues Students Are Facing In College Admission

In this article, I have compiled some of the major issues that students face while applying for college admissions by observing many colleges throughout my educational experience.

Application Expenses:

The first investment that you make for higher education is the college admission form fee. Most of the US colleges charge $50 just for a form which is non-refundable in both admission and rejection scenarios. However, these $50 are not much if you are applying for only one college but when you have to apply in multiple colleges than these $50 keep multiplying and becomes a hefty amount in the end. Although, this fee is understandable because colleges spend a lot of time in reading all the applications and shortlisting the students but still, there are many colleges and universities in US and UK which don’t charge application fee from the students who can’t afford it especially from the international students. Or it is better to ask about the fee waiver whenever you apply for any college to save your money if you can’t afford it.

Writing Essays:

Essays are the best way to judge the interest and passion of the students who wants to get admission in the college. But this is not the best for the students because not every student can express himself in words. Some require action, and some show it by their efforts. That is why writing essays for the admission is an issue for the students while getting admission in college. This essay writing comes with all the deadlines, proofreading and immense pressure because their chance of getting a higher education depends on the words that they have to write. With the local students, the international ones affect a lot because of this condition of college admission. Most of the students from any non-English speaking country suffer a lot because of their weak English. This is why they end up getting help from the academic writing services.

The Clash Between The Exams And Applications:

International students are the ones that get affected of this. Countries where students follow semester system experience the clash between their final exams and the college applications form submission deadline. The deadline sometimes overlaps their final exams, and they have to take the pressure of college admission application with their final exams. There are many colleges in USA and UK too that start taking admission tests and forms submission even before the final exams of the school’s last batches.

Don’t get bemused in such scenarios. Read the policies of the colleges in which you are applying thoroughly because they can drop you even after selection if your grades drop significantly. You have to find a college which can guarantee you your admission even if your grades drop and you just passed.

Unfair Rejection:

I know many students who should be in the premium college of the country but are not because of the unfair rejection policies of the colleges. Most of the colleges unnecessary tighten their admission criteria just to show that they are very selective in giving admissions to show the world that how tough is it to get into their college. First, these colleges lower their admission eligibility criteria to get maximum numbers or beyond the seat limit enrollment in their admission to earn from the admission process fee and then only choose the top cream according to the number of seats they have in their colleges. That is how many students failed to get admission in the college because they just depend on the one college and they miss the other colleges’ admission dates.

Applying for Scholarships:

For some, scholarships are the only way to complete their education. They cannot afford the hefty college tuition fee especially in the countries like USA and UK. International students from the developing countries too strive hard for the financial aid. But getting scholarships are even tougher than getting admission in colleges. A student has to contact every possible organization that offers students scholarships and have to prove his worth to them just to get the scholarship and completes their education.


Getting admission in the college is the first step of many that will be going to make you sweat. It is better to be focused all the time and keep your eye stir on the ultimate goal. Try to enjoy every moment and try to make your college life memorable by getting good grades and participating in every college activity.

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