Which Platform Is Better For Promoting Music – Youtube Or SoundCloud?

SoundCloud is a social media portal exclusively for the musicians.  Most of the producers, musicians, DJ’s and singers are using the portal to showcase their singing and musical abilities. Whether it is country, dubstep, hip-hop or funk you are making the bottom line, musician respect and understand the amount of time it takes to create a musical piece. Hence, if a hip-hop producer listens to your country song via SoundCloud, they will be appreciating it and perhaps leave a comment on the hard work you have done. When it comes to YouTube, however, if someone does not like your work just because they are not into it, it is very much likely that you will get thumbs down which is obviously not very rewarding for all the efforts and hard work you have done.

Music is the prime focus here. If YouTube gets more than 3 million views per day, just imagine how many videos get uploaded to different channels. Out of these videos, just a small percent of them are music related. People browse through YouTube to forage for videos belonging to different areas of entertainment and music happens to be one of them. SoundCloud, on the other hand, has just one purpose, and that is to get your music heard and for you to hear others. It is what it is made for!

You can have better chances of getting your tracks shared by people who have already made a name for themselves on different social media platforms. Whenever someone is going to mark your track as Favorite on SoundCloud, it is automatically listed in the feed of all the followers of the user who has marked the track as favorite. Some of the users perhaps have thousands of followers and if anyone like your track, you will be getting exposure to their fans too. Though YouTube also showcases a stream of comments and user likes etc, it is not as efficient or visible as it is on SoundCloud.

In the perfect scenario, you should be leveraging all the social media portals in order to get your music out there. YouTube and SoundCloud are the must haves! You should also be posting on other social media sites. This is certainly going to help you get more SoundCloud fans, which will give your musician abilities a lot of exposure in a relatively short span of time.

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