Wednesday 08 March 2023

Why Are Certifications Important To Become A Data Scientist?

Being a data scientist is quite a responsible and a learned job and generally the employers seek applicants who are certified, with some experience with big data frameworks and know about big data governance. As an industry expert once said, that as a data scientist you should be better at statistics than any software engineer, and better at software engineering than any statistician. He or she couldn’t have summed up the role of a data scientist better than the above statement. So what are the vital skills an individual need before he or she applies for a role of data scientist in an organization?

Big Data Frameworks and Big Data Analyst Certifications

Before we go further into big data analyst certifications and why are big data certifications important before getting certification for big data scientist, let’s understand what are big data frameworks.

Big Data frameworks are the set of tools that support the processing and storage of massive data sets that are continuously streaming in. One of the best example of big data framework is Apache Hadoop. So as a data analyst you will need to know how to read and store both the structured and unstructured data. And while as a data analyst you may not think that certain skills are important however, if you are eying to become a big data scientist then you need to have some proficiency in the following skills like programming tools, data visualization and communication, data intuition, statistics, data wrangling and machine learning as quite important skills along with skills like software engineering and linear algebra as somewhat important skills along with big data analyst certification and data science certifications.  

Big Data Analyst certifications from reputed institutes will help you prepare you for your big jump as a big data scientist. Post your big data analytics certifications you need to have some experience before you can apply for big data scientist certifications along with gaining knowledge in certain skills especially about big data governance that we spoke about earlier.

But wait what is big data governance? Let’s understand how big data governance and big data scientist are related.

What Is Big Data Governance?

Data Governance is not only about enabling and encouraging good behavior regarding data, but it also involves limiting the behaviors that can create risks in the data environment. So how is it related to big data scientist? Well as a big data scientist you will be required to handle lots of data – structured and unstructured and hence you need to know how govern the data so that there is no data loss or mishandling.

Big Data Certifications and Data Scientist

As discussed earlier, certifications add to an individual’s credibility and since a big data scientist is handling quite a confidential data, a certified employee will always get preference as a compared to an applicant who is uncertified. Big Data Certifications from reputed institutes are well-designed courses that help an individual’s successful career.