Tuesday 05 December 2023

Why Call A Professional For Home Foundation Damage and Repair

Cracks in the foundation of your home are nothing to mess around with. The foundation of your home is the most vital part, and damages that go unrepaired can cause very serious problems over time. Here is some information about foundation damage and why you should call someone in Oklahoma for foundation repair immediately.

What Causes Damage

Due to the soil around your home swelling and shrinking with changes in moisture, it can cause your foundation to settle. This happens to most homes, and usually isn’t a cause for concern, however if it happens too frequently or the house settles a large amount, that is when it causes problems such as cracks in the foundation. The foundation may begin to sink in a portion of your home.

 Why is it Important?

Foundation settling will only get worse over time, and sometimes changes in the foundation can happen rapidly, which is why it is a cause for immediate concern if you are seeing cracks in your walls or flooring. Foundation cracks in Oklahoma can be scary business and get worse at an alarming rate. Foundation damage can even cause your water pipes to get damaged or burst, which could cause further damage throughout your home. Leaving the problem unsolved will only result in a higher cost to fix all of the damage once you do get around to it, so it is not something you want to leave undone. If you are trying to sell your home, you will have a hard time doing so if there is still damage to the foundation that has not been addressed. These are the multitudes of reasons why you should pay attention to your foundation and get it fixed quickly.


Crawlspaces can often get damaged from foundation settling. They are important to your home because they provide a good place for air conditioning ducts and plumbing due to their ease of access for maintenance work. They are also often used for storage, and they provide elevation for a structure which helps prevent termites. Oklahoma foundation repair companies are also skilled enough to come fix your crawlspace foundation if you suffer from moisture and humidity or inadequate support, leading to foundation failure.

External Home Maintenance

Even if your home is brand new, you should still regularly check your sidewalks and patios for cracks. This is especially important if your home is five years old or younger, as the first five years is often when the most settlement can happen under a home. If there is tilting, re-pouring and re-leveling should occur, and it is important to seal cracks in the concrete so that water won’t seep under the slab. Even proper gutter maintenance can help prevent water from damaging your foundation by saturating the soil and causing the house to shift.

Luckily, diagnosing foundation problems in your home is easy. Common signs to look for are cracks in the walls, floors or ceiling, a sloping floor, a leaning chimney, bowing walls, doors and windows that stick or won’t close property and cracks in your brick. If you see any of these signs, call someone in Oklahoma foundation repair today.