Wednesday 12 May 2021

Why Do You Need To Have A Footmuff For Your Newborn

Why Do You Need To Have A Footmuff For Your Newborn

It is always the greatest joy when your newborn cry for the first time in your arms.  But after that day, it becomes hard to manage the fussy nature of babies in spite of doing everything to comfort the child. In this process they do a lot of preparation as well and buying a moses basket, cradle, footmuff and number of other things are a huge part of these preparations. Some people may have skeptical views about this preparation.Today we will talk about the reasons that explain why do you need to have a footmuff for your newborn, atek a look:

Why Do You Need To Have A Footmuff For Your Newborn

1.Comfort for babies

A newborn always need protection from cold, and a blanket is not the most comfortable option for them. Moreover, babies do not like it when you wrap them in a blanket and restrain them. Whereas, a footmuff is more like a sleeping bag that covers the baby’s feet and gives a comfortable feeling while providing them room to maneuver. Made of fleece and padded with extra quilting, it is extremely comfortable and warm. Also, you can easily remove these extra linings to make it airy for summer months. These can be used all year round, so you’re good to go for a long time!

2.Easy to use

Wrapping your newborn baby in a blanket is never easy. First of all, you need extra help to wrap your child properly in it. If the baby is not feeling comfortable, you need to unwrap it and wrap it again and again until your baby feels comfortable. A footmuff doesn’t have these limitations as it has zippers and a removable front. This makes it easier to put your baby in proper position without any help or wasting time.

3.Safe to carry

When you are traveling, footmuff gives you the assurance of baby safety as well with the help of harnesses. or a car seat making it the most ideal option for travelling with your baby. This facility is not available with any blanket, and you can hardly have any protection while carrying the child wrapped in a blanket.

4.Work well with baskets

Once your baby is asleep, you can put your child in a moses basket without disturbing his/her sleep. Same applies for the trolleys, prams, strollers and buggies. And when you want to go outside with your baby, you can simply use the footmuff to protect your little one from the harshness of cold and heat. Also, it’s outer covering is iwinder and shower proof, meaning your baby will reamain nice and dry. As it can fit perfectly with almost any trolley, it is a much better option compared to any blanket that you can have for your baby.


The benefits provided by a footmuff are quite a lot for both the parent and the baby. It will keep your baby safe and protected from the outer elements. So, what are you waiting for? Make the smart decision for your little bundle of joy!


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