Why Does Your Company Need A CRM Marketing Tool?

Bpm'online marketing

Today, business cannot function effectively without a CRM system, that is, a customer relationship management system. Basically, people understand CRM as a way to manage contact information, or visually a pleasant database of customers. And this is partly true. CRM systems should include everything related to customer relationships. Using its own functionality or tools to integrate with other systems, CRM systems must provide complete information about customers. However, all good books on customer relationship management were written before the current surge in the popularity of online marketing, and marketing automation applications continue to grow rapidly, while companies understand that to succeed in today’s business, they must be customer-centered. For this, CRM marketing tools were created.

What Should CRM Marketing Tools Do?

  1. Track the trends of behavior on the Internet. Marketing CRM system allows you to track the activity of visitors to your site, providing insights about their specific interests. With this information, your “cold” call will be much warmer and, thus, more efficient.
  2. Add value. Marketing provides you with bait in the form of landing pages with clear calls for action, which gives the user an additional benefit (for example, the call to fill out a questionnaire or download an e-book).
  3. Sow weak leads. By merging marketing and CRM processes, you ‘lead’ potential customers along the path you need, by screening out those who are not really interested. As a result, you do not waste your time on ‘weak’ leads, or you can focus on quality ones, that is, those that are easier to close for a deal. Over time, the process of such ‘filtering’ can be automated, so that the effectiveness of working with potential customers will grow even more.
  4. Formulate tactics. You can use the information gathered by marketers to develop tactics that are most appropriate to close a deal, because they are now armed with crucial information about the interests and motivation of potential customers.
  5. Customer retention. With information that continues to flow through marketing channels, it is much easier for sales manager to keep a customer and increase their value.

What CRM Marketing Tools You Can Use?

There is a great variety of software that can help you to organize your marketing effectively, and it is up to every entrepreneur which system to choose. But regardless of whether you are targeting the price or special features, you can always pay attention to solutions that have proven themselves best on the market. Let’s take a look on some of them.


Bpm’online marketing is an extremely effective tool for optimization and automation of marketing. You can explore customer needs and turn them into potential buyers, develop your own target audience and be in touch with them through email, calls and social networks.

Also, the system allows you to customize it for the individual needs of each business, distribute roles in the team and track the marketing processes in real time.

Agile CRM

Agile CRM provides a convenient platform that will keep you on the pulse of your marketing campaigns. You will be informed as soon as a potential customer opens your email, will go or review your site.

System is easy to use, well-integrated with social networks and deep analytics.

Feel Free to Try

Of course, solutions presented here are by far not the only ones on the market. That’s why it can be very difficult to decide which application for marketing automation is suitable for your business. Fortunately, most programs such as bpm’online have a trial period for which you can decide whether you will use the program or still continue to search for something that will satisfy all your needs.

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