Saturday 15 May 2021

Why Drupal is Appropriate for Big Government Websites?

Many experienced web development experts are advising the use of Drupal for big websites. Based on their extensive experience, Drupal is clearly a good option. CMS platform need to meet different criteria, before they can be considered as usable for big websites implementation. In this case, the CMS should provide proper enterprise solutions. Many companies also want to use open source technology, because they don’t want to depend on various proprietary methods. Non open source solutions could also be too expensive and require constant supports by paid development team. On the other hand, many open source solutions are supported by active development teams. They could provide excellent solutions based on the proper experience. In this case, it is a good idea to choose content management systems that have relatively large market shares. There are hundreds of content management systems in the market, but there are big three players in the industry, WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. These platforms are fully usable for big websites, such as government and e-commerce portals.

Many government website in the United States are using Drupal, they include departments of Education, Commerce, Energy, Defense, Health, Agriculture, Homeland Security, Transportation and Justice. Drupal is also used by NASA, House of Representatives and White House. migrated to Drupal-based platform in 2009 and this has encouraged other departments and agencies to do the same. Including the above organizations, Drupal is already used by more than 150 US government websites. This provides a huge boost of confidence among average users to choose Drupal for their online representations. Other than for fully functional and highly secure websites, Drupal is also usable for simpler personal blogs and small company websites. The move to Drupal can be caused by multiple causes. As an example, the internal structure can be very difficult to navigate and the bounces rates are high. In this case, users may find it hard to locate content that they want to search. This contributes to higher bounces rate. Drupal prevents this from happening by making sure that the structure is easy to navigate even for less educated users.

Although Drupal still ranks below under WordPress in terms of overall popularity, the content management system is still supported by more than 600,000 of developers and global users. The platform is free to use, share and download. Drupal is also distributed widely according to GNU General Public License. For this reason, Drupal can be classified as a complete social publishing platform and an open source Web infrastructure. Drupal is designed to remove barriers in the development and usage of professional websites. Each organization can fully access every line of Drupal code, allowing them to make the proper changes. It means that a Drupal installation can evolve significantly, making them entirely different compared to the standard version. In this case, Drupal can be modified to incorporate brand new security solutions, so hackers will find it harder to breach it.


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