Saturday 15 May 2021

Why Drupal is Becoming More Popular?

Drupal is a very popular framework and content management system. Its availability is a big boon for many different people, especially web developers. Drupal offers significant control for developing and maintaining websites, thanks to its powerful administration user interface. For many people, Drupal requires noticeably steeper learning curve, especially compared to WordPress and Blogger. However, the real value of Drupal is related to its customization capability. There are many experienced Drupal developers that can help to improve our website. Consequently, Drupal jobs are well paying and quite abundant. Currently, it is a good time for many Drupal developers, because they can be hired by big companies and government agencies to develop specific systems based on their unique requirements. Eventually, Drupal could become very familiar to use, especially if we love to customize and debug the code. We should spend enough with Drupal, although it can be rather difficult to use, compared to WordPress.

For some people, Drupal is definitely less fun and more challenging. However, Drupal could still bring us a lot of fulfilling usability. In general, we should find new ways on how to make Drupal more usable for our daily lives. Even in the most miserable, frustrating and boring days; Drupal could still be delightful to use, due to its high versatility. We have heard success stories from various government and e-commerce websites after they are using Drupal. In this situation, we should consider whether we can also ride the Drupal wave. Drupal can be tailored very easily depending both for small and large deployments. Drupal could also work on various modular systems. There are different distributions of Drupal with specific functionality, features and bundled modules that are geared for narrower target audience. As an example, OpenPublic is a Drupal-based CMS that is useful for government agencies, departments and organizations.

Sometimes, the overall usefulness of Drupal can be quite difficult to quantify. However, we should be able to get more control on how Drupal is implemented. The overall usability of the platform should justify the migration. The savings in total cost of ownership can be much lower. Right now, Drupal can be seen as a proven solution that could leveraged at local, state and federal levels. They should be able to address various key challenges. Drupal is structured to support proper integration with various third party solutions and proprietary systems. Drupal allows powerful and real access to different system functions. Even without changing core code, we could still gain enormous customizations. The overall outlook for the use of Drupal is quite positive. It also delivers significant growth in the public sector. Once a platform makes the proper inroads, we are looking at further implementations in the future. The integration capability of Drupal is virtually limitless, it is compatible with various services and solutions.

The real hindrance of Drupal adoption is related to the ease of use. This is especially because WordPress is often seen as a user friendly platform. The significant implementation of Drupal for government websites has made it possible for widespread adoption for official usages.


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