Saturday 15 May 2021


Fashion is ever changing and is heavily influenced by pop culture. What is trendy today, may be passe tomorrow. But there are a few things that are beyond the trend – evergreen Fusion fashion, especially in jewelry trends.

Fusion fashion includes an amalgam of 2 or more cultures, and the result is not only versatile but a beautiful saga that is both astounding and edgy. Mostly featuring different metals or mix of metals and materials like shells, glass, beads etc. in the same accessory, fusion jewelry has been the favourite of many people.

Here are a few reasons why fusion fashion is always trending and why you should get it :

It Represents The Beauty Of The Cultures

Fusion fashion, whether in clothes or jewelry, is usually based on the classics and the simplest elements of the cultures it is inspired by. For example, a simple jhumka has always been trendy in Indian culture for centuries now. Western element of victorian design added to the jhumkas created a gorgeous and yet simple piece of festive jewelry. And simplicity never goes out of style.

Pair Up With Almost Everything

One prime reason why fusion jewelry is always in trend is because it goes with every kind of outfit. You can wear festive fusion jewelry with an evening gown for a red carpet look or with an ethnic outfit like saree. Chunky and oxidized fusion jewelry can go with jumpsuits as well as a kurta. Knotted beads necklaces can be paired with your blouse top or tunic as well as saree.

Versatile Styles

Fusion jewelry is a very accommodative jewelry category. It entails mixture of every kind- from tribal, to ethnic to western and contemporary. Not only in styles, it is also versatile in size and bulk – You get chunky necklaces to dainty bracelets to stud earring and everything in between. There are festive fusion jewelry like pearl or stone studded earrings and regular wears like glasswork drop earrings



Where To Get Fusion Jewelry Online For The Best Prices?

For every culture, jewelry has been a way of reflecting their lifestyle, beliefs and ethnic heritage. Blending two or multiple cultures into one and creating a melting pot in the form of beautiful designs, intricate details and efforts to do justice to each culture is what fusion jewelry is. The best place to get fusion jewelry online without ruining your budget is Bo’Bell Jewels. With quality products at reasonable prices, Bo’Bell jewels assures bang for the bucks.

The category of Fusion Jewelry in itself is quite extensive, however, the most popular within it is the fusion of Eastern and Western fusion culture. Find the perfect fusion jewelry at Bo’Bell Jewels. Browse through out category – East Meets West and take your pick from these exquisite pieces of fusion art that have been meticulously designed with our experts to create something outstanding, just for you.

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