Why Hua Hin Golf Courses Are Among the Hottest Options Out There

Mark Twain famously described golf as “a good walk spoiled.” Despite the famed author’s barbed wit, however, there’s some truth to thinking of golf as a great opportunity to take a wonderful walk in a lush pastoral landscape—and, yes, perhaps watch it all be spoiled by witnessing your ball plunk right into the water or a sand trap. Nevertheless, the fact of the matter is that when searching for a new place to play, you’re naturally going to look for places that can boast a lush, prominent, green landscape. While artificial turf has worked its way into other sports, golf aficionados know that there’s simply no substitute for the real thing. So, it’s no surprise that part of the glory of golf really does lie in enjoying the dichotomy between the natural and cultivated greenery.

What may surprise some golf fans is the location of some of the hottest courses in the world—Thailand. You may not immediately associate a place like Hua Hin with St. Andrews’ game, but here are a few reasons why you may want to embark on a golfing excursion to Thailand.

New Courses in a Fresh Setting

One of the reasons why a place like Hua Hin is rapidly becoming one of Asia’s biggest golfing draws is the fact that its resorts have been able to successfully combine the conventional look and feel of a golf course with the natural beauty of Thailand. There’s something to be said for hitting the fairway and being able to see the standard rolling hills of cultivated green in the foreground, as well as lush trees native to Thailand and traditional Thai architecture dotting the background. It adds character and beauty to a course, and thus makes for a walk along the greens that’s impossible to “spoil.”

Lower Prices

It will surprise no one that golf can be a bit on the expensive side in terms of the costs involved with playing. Tees and clubs are just the start of it, as paying to use a high-quality course, or otherwise getting invited to a high-end locale, can be expensive and time-consuming. One of best things that a place like Hua Hin can offer, therefore, is a fresh new course at a lower rate than you might otherwise have to pay in European or even American contemporary sites. Thai exchange rates for American, British, French, and German golfers in particular are highly favourable. This means that you can take advantage of these new courses at highly competitive rates, which will leave you enough money leftover to enjoy some of the finer things Thailand has to offer.

Golf Holidays

On that note, golf holidays and themed tours have both added even more incentive for would-be Western golfers to hit the links in Hua Hin. These holidays not only provide more of a discount, but also often come with travel suggestions for some of the nicer areas in the resort city. These helpful tips allow you to experience the best golf resorts in Hua Hin by day and explore fine dining and entertainment by night, all while enjoying benefits in terms of airfare and hotel options.

Hit the links in Hua Hin and discover Asia’s hottest golf attraction today!

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