Saturday 15 May 2021

Why MCSA SQL Server Certification Is Important For Database Administrators


If you are interested in pursuing a new career as a database administrator or exploring advancement opportunities within your existing position, obtaining your MSCA SQL certification is an essential step to take.

Why MCSA SQL Server Certification Is Important For Database Administrators

Salary Ranges Speak Volumes

The projected salaries of database administrators may be considered as a main reason justifying this certification. According to, the average U.S. salary of a systems administrator ranges from $45,750 and $84,000. On the upper level of that corporate ladder, a Senior Systems Administrator can make over $107,000 based on the same report.

However, there is much more to the value of this certification for database administrators than just the salary opportunities that are available depending on one’s specific position.

Ideal Asset of Required Knowledge

For database administrators (DBAs), the majority of the knowledge and skills they will need to perform the duties of their job successfully are covered within the path toward SQL certification. Keep in mind that DBAs are trained to use a suite of specialized software to organize and store pertinent data – including shipping records, financial information and other important documents.

In addition to storing and managing the data, DBAs are required to focus on access and security as well – ensuring that only authorized users have direct access. Becoming a Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator teaches and tests you on the skills you will need to perform these tasks successfully within any size of organization or group.

Gain an Edge on the Competition

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that there will be a projected growth of 11 percent with database administrator opportunities before 2024 – an employment change of at least 13,400 positions. Therefore, it would be foolish to think that there is a relatively short list of qualified candidates that are eagerly anticipating the same positions that you desire.

To gain a solid edge on the competition, you must come to the table with marketable skills, experience, knowledge and certifications that document your value within this market. An SQL certification is therefore a key to unlock the edge you need to be seriously considered within the pool of candidates.

Grow in Knowledge, Advance in Position

Chances are that you do not want to remain in your current position for the rest of your career. One of the biggest perks of an IT career –especially as a database administrator certification  – is the plethora of advancement opportunities made available to qualified candidates. Even though you may start your journey in the IT industry at an entry-level position, your skills, knowledge and accumulating experience will play integral roles in your long-term success in this field.

However, without an MCSA SQL certification, you will quickly realize that your career path as a database administrator is much more limited than you think. Without this type of certification under your belt, you are essentially stunting your growth and advancement potential as a database administrator. With the constant changes and developments made within the world of IT each year, you will more than likely find it difficult to get a job or even keep the position you already have without adding this credential to your resume.

The Bottom Line

Within the world of IT careers and advancement opportunities, certifications and other applicable credentials play key roles in the progressive growth and overall success of an IT professional. If you want to stay relevant within this market and enjoy employment as a knowledgeable and experienced database administrator for years to come, obtaining your MCSA SQL certification should be viewed as an unavoidable requirement more than a useful option. 

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