Friday 01 December 2023

Why Muay Thai Is A Good Option For Your Holiday Plan?

For many people bloody noses and black eyes are the first things that come on their mind whenever someone mentions Muay Thai. If this phrase is completely new to you maybe Thai boxing which is another name for this sport, fitness activity and martial art will clear your dilemmas. In any case, the perception of this sport as something brutal is based on prejudice. The truth is that Muay Thai is a sport like any other sport and Muay Thai training is a good option for those who want to enhance their loss weight plans and improve overall health. Before we discuss about the benefits of Muay Thai training and its effects on weight loss, let’s mention few things about the training process.

Why Muay Thai Is A Good Option For Your Holiday Plan?

The best way to feel the advantages of Muay Thai training is to join a training camp in Thailand. Since Thailand is a country that is relatively far from North America, Europe and Australia, most people can’t simply leave their home and sign up for training classes. This is the reason why they travel to Thailand for their holidays. Thailand is an attractive holiday destination situated in one of the best places in Asia. It doesn’t really matter where on the coastline or on the islands of Thailand you will be located because you will have access to at least one great beach within walking range. Now that you know when and why you should go to Thailand let’s talk more about Muay Thai and its effects on our weight.

To start with, Muay Thai training is a mixture of several types of exercises including cardio workout which has proven to be very useful for those who want to get rid of extra weight. It also includes elements of interval training excellent for fast burning of fat.

Muay Thai is great for toning the abdominal area and the belly. The obloquies that seems to drop down in people with extra pounds will be eliminated in a short period of time thanks to Muay Thai. When you are practicing Muay Thai in a camp you will be asked to perform side kicks, punches and other movements that will help you activate all muscles and strengthen them quickly. Muay Thai practitioners are also using gloves and pads to kick and punch (shadow boxing) and this is an excellent way to tone your arms and legs. In this way you will also release more hormones of happiness, improve your mode and increase motivation.

Two hours of Muay Thai training at can burn between 1500 and 2000 calories. These figures are breathtaking because only a small number of physical activities can achieve the same and almost none of them is as exciting as Muay Thai. The most popular sport in Thailand is praised for its ability to speed up the metabolism and dissolve fat buildups too.

Don’t waste your precious time in gyms while performing inefficient exercises – stick to Muay Thai and watch those extra pounds go away quickly.