Why Rekeying Is Better Than Replacing Locks!

Rekeying is a term that’s been underutilized! Most of us won’t be able to believe when somebody says its possible to change the key to a lock without getting a new lock installed. Yes, a thing like rekeying does exist and you can actually have your old locks as it is but with a complete new key and that too without compromising the security of your households or offices. Let’s have a look at how rekeying works wonders!

It’s Cost Effective!

The most visible attribute about getting your locks rekeyed is, it saves you from spending grands on getting new locks. This means really a lot especially when you have your locks already in better condition and you only need a new key to restrict or limit the access to those locks. The only thing you are changing here is just the key pins that are housed within the lock cylinder! A little labour cost and some bucks for the key pins is all you need to pay.

Limit The Access

With rekeying you are simply making sure that old keys don’t work anymore on your locks, in other words, you are making sure all those people who might hold duplicate key to your house won’t be able to access it again because you just changed the key to the lock! You no more have to worry about some unknown person entering your house in your absence just because they have lived in your house earlier and has a duplicate key to the locks!

Faster Than Replacing

Rekeying is more about going old school with your older locks, changing a few pins here and there and ta-da! You have got a new key to the lock! You would definitely need to remove the lock from the door in order to gain access to the lock cylinder, but its far less time consuming then installing totally new locks to your doors. An experience locksmith Bellevue can get your job done very quickly without needing lot much man power.

Increased Security

With rekeying, you can actually make your home safe from any unwanted visitors to the house. Especially when you have just moved into a new house, what you need to remember is that the earlier occupants of this house might have a duplicate key to this house that was their den before you shifted here. You also get to tighten your security by rekeying the locks so that only the ones you share the key to your house can enter it in your absence.

The Bottom Line

Replacing your locks is a feasible option when you see your locks worn out and unable to keep up to any threats, for such cases we wouldn’t ask you to go for rekeying, but when you know you locks are perfectly fine to keep safe your house, rekeying helps you stay in a tight security yet stay out of any high costing locking mechanisms. We hope this clears out your confusion about rekeying and relocking!

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