Friday 01 December 2023

Why Should You Consider Putting Up In A 5 Star Hotel For Your Dream Vacation?

Why Should You Consider Putting Up In A 5 Star Hotel For Your Dream Vacation

Don’t be put off by a 5-star price tag: if you’re on a dream holiday, the value for money you get for splashing out on your accommodation could pay dividends. If you’re even considering 5 star hotels in London or anywhere else, the chances are you have an eye for detail, and you can be sure a luxury hotel will have that covered. It’s what they’re good at – going the extra mile, and then just that little bit further. Staff will anticipate your requests and not just respond to them.

Why Should You Consider Putting Up In A 5 Star Hotel For Your Dream Vacation?

More Than a Change of Scenery

The chances are you spent years dreaming of your once-in-a-lifetime holiday, so make sure it’s more than just a change of scenery – make it a complete break from everyday life. Go all out, and let someone else sweat the small stuff. It’s about a complete break and reset from your regular day-to-day life, and part of that is a getting decent rest.

Getting a good night’s sleep is so important to guests that some chains are even guaranteeing it. They’ll have comfortable beds with accessories like mattress toppers on request, decent temperature controls so you can be comfortable without having to open the window and let noise in and blackout blinds or curtains to keep all light out.

VIP Treatment

Aside from a luxurious bedroom and bathroom, or maybe even a suite, the top hotels will also give out better perks for their VIPs or those with reward programmes. This might include an upgrade, complimentary meals or use of additional facilities. For the best upgrades and extras, it’s better to book with the hotel itself, or at least through their website, rather than through a third party or price-comparison site.

A Back-Up Plan

Sometimes people say they want more privacy than they believe a hotel might be able to offer, but if something were to go wrong in a 5-star hotel, you’ll just be moved into another room so seamlessly that you’ll hardly notice. If you go self-catering, yes, you might be more private, but you’ll have to sort out any issues yourself. And if you think about privacy, the majority of celebrities will opt for a luxury hotel when they’re away from home because they get the service they’ve come to expect.

There are many 5 star hotels in London, with lots of them very central, so if you don’t have time for a luxury holiday, see if you can squeeze in a city break and catch a show and a meal as an interim treat.

Time to Enjoy It

There will likely be a pretty decent children’s club, and if you’re travelling with small people, that’s definitely a consideration. There is often a variety of different activities on offer – maybe even some new ones. Even if you only use it for a couple of hours, it’s enough time to enjoy a lazy lunch with your partner, so everyone enjoys their holiday. You might even find they want don’t want to leave!