Saturday 11 September 2021

Why To Incorporate Strategic Leadership Development In Company Culture

Why To Incorporate Strategic Leadership Development In Company Culture

Strategic planning is a general term but in an industrial context a necessary action every company has to take. For any company either it is a fortune 500 or a start up a strategy planning is a mandatory to guide it through all ups & downs and lead a way to profits. Leadership at high level is popularly categorised into managerial and visionary. Here managerial concentrate more on day-to-day activities while visionary are risk takers and future oriented. A strategic leader is different from these 2 by influencing people to take their own decisions of day-to-day activities that lead to long term growth and short term finances health.  Sacramento Leadership Developmentis a combination of both visionary and managerial.

Why To Incorporate Strategic Leadership Development In Company Culture

Michael Porter in 1980 formulated a competitive strategy to have 2 internal environment elements and 2 external environment elements like a company’s Strengths & Weaknesses, Ethics and values of the board members being internal and Opportunities & Threats, Expectations from Society being external.  Strategic leaders keep in mind all the above elements and encourage innovation and they are always ready for change. This is an important quality needs to be imbibed into company culture.

Qualities to be a Strategic Leader:

A company need to focus to develop strategic leader by encouraging the employees cultivate below qualities. Its resource development by training these qualities is very costly but those individuals definitely are valuable and rare for the organization.

Creativity and Innovation: In a company there may be projects which got failed but ultimately flew with flying colours only through a creative idea. Creative solutions could solve customer problems with less time and money. To imbibe innovation among the resources, a competition would help in great way and they could take the organization to next level.

Competency development and Continuous learning: Sacramento Leadership Development​  should encourage Competency development. Strategic leaders always focus on learning from both successful and unsuccessful outcomes not at an individual level but for the whole team. They do an open and constructive analysis to find the hidden lessons from their failures.

Anticipate and Challenge: The opportunities and threats are to be anticipated way before they come in the way. A strategic leader plans to grab the opportunity and skilfully escapes the threat with his prior anticipation. This skill is achieved only by talking to all stake holders and understanding the challenges they face. He also challenges the status-quo and his own assumptions too to come up with many different views. They always have an open mind to accept any change.

Interpret and decide: Many times leaders get complex information to take any decision. Strategic leaders push the ambiguity out and recognise all patterns to take a synthesized decision. Recognising facts and not going to simplistic choices is a trait of strategic leader. They courageously go through the decision making process with a conviction and get success.


Incorporating Strategic Leadership in company culture means challenges are accepted and mistakes are opportunities of learning. Identifying weaknesses and methodically work towards correcting them not only for himself but to his entire team.


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