Why To Invest In Stainless Handrail Systems?

When it comes to guardrail systems, only the best materials will do – if your metal guardrail is made with sub-par materials, it creates a risk of injury to your staff or visitors, and creates a false sense of security surrounding your safety protocols. The industry gold standard material for guardrail systems is stainless steel, for a variety of reasons – but why should you invest in stainless steel handrail systems?

Stainless Handrail Systems are tough and long-lasting

Stainless steel is made from a blend of high-quality steel and chromium, where the chromium content is above 10.5% of the alloy by mass, resulting in a metal that has all of the strengths and mechanical capabilities of steel with the added corrosion resistance and polishing affinity of chromium.

Made from hardy steel, stainless handrail systems are tough, long-lasting fixtures which will resist the weather and provide admirable mechanical strength in your safety equipment.

Stainless handrail systems are easy to maintain

As the name suggests, stainless steel does not stain – nor does it corrode. The smooth, polished surfaces of stainless steel are easy to clean and maintain, able to wipe-clean and suitable for use with power washers, steam cleaning, disinfectant and any other harsh cleaning chemicals. If scratched or scored, the passivation layer of chromium oxide which protects the metal from rusting will simply reform, unlike painted or galvanised steel, where scratching or scoring could result in corrosion.

Stainless steel metal guardrails are corrosion-resistant

As mentioned above, stainless steel metal guardrails benefit from stainless steel’s passivation layer – a layer of chromium oxide that naturally forms if the percentage of chromium in the metal is high enough, preventing oxygen and water from damaging the steel within.

Ordinary rust expands and flakes off the steel on which it forms, allowing oxygen to penetrate deeper in and do more damage, but stainless steel avoids this with its impenetrable outer coating.

A stainless guard rail system is aesthetically pleasing

Stainless handrail systems benefit from the pleasant lustre and easy polishing of their material. Quick and easy to polish to a gorgeous chromium shine, stainless steel is easily maintained at that level, needing only a quick wipe here and there to restore the shine to the metal. With stainless steel handrail systems, your metal guard rail systems will look great all the time!

Stainless steel guard rail systems can be completely customised

Stainless steel can be cut, welded, cast, sintered or hand-worked into any shape imaginable, leading to a great deal of versatility in how it can be employed. Thanks to modern metalworking techniques and architectural advances, modern metal guardrails can be built completely to suit your specifications, even in the case of a complex environment or pre-existing requirements in your work area. Whether you’re looking for safety rails in a park or playground, installing guard rails in a factory, on a roof or in an outdoor area like a quarry or industrial yard, you will be able to commission stainless steel guard rail systems to perfectly fit your requirements and match the contours of your premises without flaw.

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