Saturday 29 May 2021

Why We Should Use Visual Web Developer Express When Creating Member-Only Websites?

Often, we need to deliver good websites with member-only logins to bring a far-flung community together. This is important if some of the information that needs to be shared can’t be distributed openly to the public. There are things to consider when we want to create specific member-only websites. When creating these websites, we should consider proper security and database solutions. Many technologies are opening new venues up for developers to provide proper development environment. As an example, there are development kits that can get our member-only websites up and running.

One of the best available solutions is Microsoft’s Visual Web Developer Express and it can be downloaded from the company’s website. This is a free development solution that can be used for novice developers. This development platform can be used to create a website with login page and registration process. Of course, this solution only works on Microsoft-based platform, requiring us to use Microsoft operating system and server software. This should be applicable for beginner developers because they are typically familiar with Microsoft-based solutions. The Personal Starter Kit is also easy to use with drag and drop environment.

When we use Personal Starter Kit, we have enough tools for creating a member-only website. The membership feature should include secure logins for sharing family news and photos. The Personal Starter Kit is included in the VWD Express. We should be able to use it as a solution to create highly secure website. With VWD Express, we should be able to create a membership website that contains specific personality elements. In many cases, the standard security and database solutions are good enough for our requirements. VWD Express is based on SQL Server Express as the primary database engine. It’s essentially a scaled down version of the full-fledged SQL Server database.

However, many new developers are still somewhat new to any kind of database solutions. Fortunately, the SQL Server Express should be able to insulate new developers from complicated database tasks. VWD Express offers a visual environment that allows us to work with various web components that can access stored or real-time data. It is possible for any novice developer to immediately install VWD Express and Personal Starter Kit. We will be able to immediately add personality and unique look of the website. These developers should be able to go live earlier compared to using standard solutions.

The task of connecting the database should also be easy to do. One of the most common problems faced by new web developers are connecting the live database, so any data can be used by users. With VWD Express, it is unlikely that developers will get stuck on changing any detail related to live configuration. With VWD Express, it should be easy to sort out any issues that are commonly faced. However, we should make sure that the web hosting provider will allow us to work fully with VWD Express, especially if they don’t allow the use of remote tools against any database stored in the server.


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