Why you must own a Ninja Bikes

The Ninja Bikes is a fun mini bike with lots of styles. They first started appearing in the early 2000s. The 125cc Ninja Bikes has sold well in the U.S. Many people enjoy these fun little motorcycles which are street legal. They look great and they’re affordable.

Get That Biker Feel

A lot of young men and women love these small street gems because of their easy handling and affordability. Riders of these fun bikes remark how they can feel as if they are part of a tough motorcycle gang by the biker looks of the motorcycle. Some have even gone out and bought leather pants and a jacket and rode out to remote watering holes to play out their fantasy. Due to the small size of the bike and the 125cc engine, these weekend warriors ride solo.



Decked out Like the Big Ones

Owners of the Ninja Bikes have gone all out at times. They have customized these small bikes just like the full-size ones. They spare no expense decking out their bike to look like the big ones. Some have had professional paint jobs costing thousands. The seats are not overlooked when it comes to unique designs.

Engines and Modification

These little guys mainly Briggs and Straton or Tecumseh engines. They modify these motors at times. Some get bored out in the piston sleeve so there is more combustion chamber to produce more power. This enables the rider to go faster. Some modifications include mounting small motorcycle engines into them. Using motorcycle engines require a centrifugal clutch to added to enable power to the rear wheels. Unlike the so-called lawnmower engines which are direct drive.

Wheels from Golf Carts

The front wheel is usually a bicycle wheel and the rear wheel is a pneumatic wheel from a golf cart. Sometimes a 205/50-10 tire is used. These are generally used because they are of better quality than a golf cart wheel. It provides a better ride and is more durable than the said mentioned wheels.

Live Axles for Easy Replacement

In these, wonderfully bundles of fun live axles are used. This is mainly for ease of replacement because whoever owns one of these motorcycle fun rides is most certainly going to thrash them. The bearings wheel and sprocket are slid onto the axle thus giving the person working on the bike a nice time of repair and less frustration. The opposite of this is the dead axle. It is what it sounds like.

The wheel revolves around a stationary axle. Depending on the setup the bearings are mounted in the wheel allowing it to spin freely on the axle. The drawback to this setup is that custom parts are more difficult to come by. One advantage is that it is generally cleaner around the axle area. This allows for better inspection of the rear hub.

Custom Parts

As mentioned earlier owners of these little motorcycle hotrods customize them to their liking. They put extended pipes onto the end of the tailpipe. They take off the stock baffles off and put on louder baffles so that the bike will have a Harley like sound. Some put on ape hanger handlebars. Really there is no limit to what can be customized on these little bikes. Just use your imagination.

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