Why You Should Be Riding A Bicycle!

portrait of 2 girls on bikes

Most people ride bicycles for an array of different reasons. The very simple art of riding a cycle offers some great health benefits. Here are just a few as to why you too should be out there and pounding those pedals! Your body will love it!

This is something which can be done by people of all ages, from children up to most senior citizens, who can’t do things such as jogging.

For a calm state of mind

Riding a bicycle has long been known to be a proven stress reliever. No matter if you are riding just for fun or commuting to work, you will get to at your destination feeling more relaxed, energized and happier about yourself and the world. In addition, just being out on your bicycle is just good old fashioned fun. You will find that the more time spent cycling on two wheels, the harder it will be to take life too seriously. More and more people are now opting for cycle holidays in the UK and all over Europe, and why not? It’s a grand way to really see and get a feel for a place.

For the simple convenience

Well, it makes common sense doesn’t it? The convenience factor you’ll find when riding a bike is so easy to fathom out after only a couple of days. Great parking spaces are guaranteed no matter where you go and traffic jams are a thing of the past. Although the use of a car will certainly save time on long trips, you’ll find that for most short journeys or through congested traffic, you can safely travel in traffic just as fast or faster on your bike.

Those nightmare bumper to bumper sluggish car journeys to a festival or concert in a park or somewhere are bye-bye. Going in on a bicycle is the perfect solution. Easy in and easy out. No more long waits in a line of slow moving traffic and no having to get there 3 hours early to get a parking spot or having to park up miles away from the event. Plus, you won’t have to hang around for hours in traffic to get out once it’s over.

For the community

Getting out on your cycle is not only good for you, but great for your community. You will be able to get to the places you want to be and at the same time put one less vehicle on the road. There’s also no noise emanating from a car and you will be able to interact with neighbours as you ride along. Also, no exhaust is being spewed out, thus not harming the environment. Actually, riding a bicycle is like taking a ride back in time to when people communicated with each other more, and who doesn’t want that?

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