Friday 05 March 2021

Why You Should Visit and Experience Tanzania

East Africa is one of the most incredible parts of the world and despite the fact that many areas have been affected by war and other tragedies, it still a tourist destination that will make your head explode. Among the East African countries, Tanzania is definitely among the most beautiful and interesting. Tanzania will take you years to properly explore, but there are some things you definitely need to see on your first visit.

Beaches of Zanzibar

Why You Should Visit and Experience Tanzania

East Africa features some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world, giving the Caribbean beaches a run for their money. The island of Zanzibar which is a part of Tanzania is full of such beaches, sandy white with the clearest waters you will see. Anywhere you turn in Zanzibar, you will find a breath-taking beach, perfect for relaxation and all kinds of water activities. Zanzibar is not just about beaches, though. It also boasts a gorgeous Stone Town, the historic core of Zanzibar City which has seen its share of history and which has a very unique atmosphere.


Why You Should Visit and Experience Tanzania

Kilimanjaro is the highest free-standing mountain in the world, meaning that it is not a part of a chain of mountains. You might think that this means very little, but you would be wrong. What this means is that it stands alone and provides a truly unique experience once you see it for the first time. As you near it, Kilimanjaro becomes more and more unreal and you soon realize that it is a giant, one of its kind, capped with snow and featuring beautiful nature at its foot. You can climb the mountain if you feel you are up to it, or you can spend a day or two just admiring it from the gorgeous scenery surrounding it.

Abundance of Life in Serengeti

Why You Should Visit and Experience Tanzania

Serengeti is by far the most famous national park in Africa, perhaps the world. This is the “Africa” that most of us grew up with, endless savannahs with lions, wildebeest, giraffes, elephants and other wild animals living out their lives in the wilderness. It is the perfect family trip, giving your children the chance to see how animals behave in their natural habitat. Serengeti is also ridiculously beautiful on its own, providing visitors with a special kind of peace and calm.

The Surreal Lake Natron

Why You Should Visit and Experience Tanzania

If you are looking for something completely different, something you will see nowhere in the world, you must head out to Lake Natron in northern Tanzania. It is a soda and salt lake that looks like something out of a science fiction movie, dark red and ominous even. The lake is home to one of the biggest flocks of flamingoes in the world since predators cannot reach their nests due to the lake’s strong alkaline nature.

The Busy Dar es Salaam

Why You Should Visit and Experience Tanzania

Dar es Salaam is not the capital of Tanzania, but it is the largest city in the country and also the most exciting. There is plenty of things to see in the city, but our advice would be to just live in it. Make sure to check out its vibrant markets where you can buy all kinds of stuff, from affordable electronics to traditional souvenirs. If you are looking for even better deals on electronics, check out this link.

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