Why Your Website Need To Be Mobile Friendly

If you are using a website that was designed back in 2005, then it is time you upgraded to one that will support mobile searches. If you site is receiving very low traffic, then it could be because it has not been optimized for mobile searches. Optimizing a site to be more mobile friendly will ensure that your site is competing more favorably with its equals. It has been proven that a very huge percentage of people are now using their mobile phones to search for products and even make purchase. This means if your site is not friendly to smartphones and tablets, then you could be missing out a big time opportunity. People have become busy nowadays and multitasking is not new to them. With their phones, they can be able to quickly search for a product and buy it while handling other tasks. Below are some of the reasons why your site should be mobile search friendly:

Every Person is Now using their Phones

The current world is one that has seen the influx of smartphones into the market. In the world, there is an approximate 1.2billion people who are using their mobile phones to access the internet. It is thus possible that if a person is online, they are most likely using their smartphones. These gadgets have proved easy to use and thus people are preferring them from computers. If you want to compete favorably among sites that are offering services and products similar, then a mobile search friendly website is a requirement. It will help you to attract a large portion of traffic since your site loads easily without having problems.

More than Half of Web Traffic is on Mobile

Out of all the traffic that is using the internet at the moment, over a half of them are one mobile. If one is really interested in increasing their traffic by double, then optimizing their site to accommodate these devices is the wise choice. In the last couple of years, there have been an increasing number of traffic which comes from mobile. If one can be able to tap into this source of traffic, the results are stunning. It will be a great way to see your page rise to among the first ranking ones.

Mobile users Consume differently from Desktop Ones

It has been shown that people using mobile phones tend to consume a lot of visual media. This majorly focuses on short videos as well as photos. This is the reason why Instagram and related platforms have gained a lot of success since they offer these features. Many people may not have the all the time to watch a whole video which is why a short one does the trick. Capturing this will require one to have a design that has been optimized to harness the power of this feature.

Social Media is More on Mobile Phones

As the influence of social media continues to grow, one can appreciate the fact that it has found its primary hub on smartphones and tablets. If you are planning to involve social media marketing for your products and services, then it is time your site become mobile friendly. This will give you a better chance of people accessing your products via their mobile devices.

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