“Work-Life Balance” How Can You Manage This All With Parental Control Apps?

Work-Life balance, a concept that remains a big failure for parents who keep juggling with their priorities without making proper plans to achieve their targets. We all know that work stays on one side of the equation and your life is on the other; however, they both throw influence on each other. No matter how hard you try, but the two are going to bleed into each other. One solution that working parents are opting these days is the use of parental control apps.

How can Parental Apps Help?

As the name suggests, parental apps empower parents. Using the FamilyTime Parental Control App, parents can stay with their kids 24/7 virtually. They can keep tabs on their kids’ activities both online and offline without any hassle. There are a lot of apps out there which are making the life of parents easy however FamilyTime is an exception.

The app offers a range of valuable features that help parents stay connected to your kids without being distracted:

  1. Family Watch: Family Watch is a set of monitoring features of FamilyTime. With the Family Watch, Parents can keep an eye on their child’s call logs and contacts to see who they contact and when; while keeping track of the browsing history and the bookmarks list.
  2. Family Care: Family Care is all about the caring features that let parents view the list of installed apps on their child’s phone and help them identify the inappropriate ones. They can block any questionable app to make their kids avoid it. In addition to this, parents can add any suspicious number to Watchlist to get push notifications every time the contact is made by either party.
  3. Family Buzz: The Family buzz feature set lets parents receive panic alerts from their kids with their complete location in case of any danger or emergency.
  4. Family Locator: As the name suggests, the Family Locator set of FamilyTime enables efficient tracking system and allows parents to Geo-fence any address to get push notifications every time they enter and exit that place.
  5. Family Link: The app lets families establish a strong link. It lets parents receive PickMeUp alerts from your children with complete location and help them stay on their toes to pick up kids on time.
  6. Family Plus: The added advantage of this app is Family Plus. To limit screen time or disable the device in case of theft, parents can remotely lock child’s phone from their dashboard.

You can also get the FamilyTime app from Google Play Store and iTunes.

Make Parenting Easy!

We all agree that balancing work and family can be tough. Even if you’re a work at home mommy, or a traveling father you still want an effective and convenient way to stay in the loop with your kids 24/7. So give parental control apps a try and see how they work for you. Happy Parenting!

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