Wednesday 08 September 2021

Work Remotely With Online Collaboration Software

The people in Stockholm want to meet. Mark has already made the arrangements. Your flight leaves tomorrow at 8:36AM from London Stansted.


Your project deadline for Swan-Goose and Co is this Friday. How are you going to make that? There are still phone calls to be made, documents to get approved and agreements to be ironed out. And did Steph get you the latest memos?

Your boss insists, there’s no one else qualified to handle Stockholm. Your team is already overloaded with work – better pack as many of those files and memos as you think you can process on the go.

Work Remotely With Online Collaboration Software


Stansted is a pain, there’s almost no place to sit down and work. Better book a nearby hotel and go tonight. How is all of this going to fit into an overhead bag?


The hotel receptionist says there’s a problem with the internet. Something about a faulty modem. Other hotels in the area are fully booked. How can I work on these proposals for Dan?


Adjourning until after lunch. Lunch, good time to double check the regulations. Wait, where are they? They must have got left on my desk. For Pete’s sake!


Email from Steph: Dear Jack, hope your trip is going well. We’ve installed a new program to manage this project. Paperwork was getting out of hand. We can all work online, and don’t worry about those regulations, we’ve uploaded them into the project tasks. Sarah is on it!


Team meeting. You’ve scheduled an emergency meeting on the virtual whiteboard. Sarah’s also invited the client, Swan-Goose and Co. With everyone on video conference, Steph runs down the benefits of switching to online collaboration software. All tasks and annotations are visible to the team while deadlines can immediately be reported back to the client. You use the opportunity to explain your situation. The project deadline is reset to the following week, while the client feels satisfied seeing the progress made so far.


Your bag is a lot lighter without all those notes and reports poking through the lining. Stockholm will require further negotiations.