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Working As A Stenographer: Things You Should Know

Working As A Stenographer: Things You Should Know

Not many people know about an exciting career known as stenography. It is the technique implemented for writing in shorthand. With the right courses in Stenography, one can become a certified stenographer. As a stenographer, you will make use of shorthand to translate the communication into a hard copy from oral. This post will tell you about the various details of a career in stenography.

The responsibilities of a stenographer involve transcribing, or typing, the dictated content. In their day-to-day affairs, they are responsible to prepare correspondence, memos, reports, orders and different other sort of information.

Working As A Stenographer: Things You Should Know

Where to Apply?

After completing shorthand and typing course one can apply for the job of stenographer in private companies and assist advocates in the court. You can also work with some doctors at private medical clinics for the same. The best option would be to apply for roles with government. These stenographer jobs are advertised by central and state government agencies like SSC, UPSC, State service selection boards, banking recruitment boards after appearing for written tests, and person interviews. Those who clear these exams are selected by the government departments as stenographers.

Exams and Certifications

For a long lasting career and a good start in the stenography field, aspirants have to complete the stenography certificate program from an accredited and approved institute. When they complete the entire shorthand training certification, they will be required to clear the entrance test so as to be called as a licensed stenographer. Every state has slightly different eligibility criteria for their government seats of stenographers.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

While there is no strict education requirements aspirants looking for a career in stenography should have at least completed their graduation. However, one thing that they have to keep in mind is that the course should be recognized from a University. There are some public sector jobs that do with 12th pass exams. If you think by simply graduating you will gain the accuracy and speed then it is just a misconception.

It requires only continuous practice for gaining speed. Also, good communication skills, especially a strong grasp on English language is very important for securing a good job as a stenographer. There is no room for error as most of the time very critical data is at stake. Candidates with speed of 80 words per minute can think of a good career. Knowledge of more than one language or being a multilingual holds special importance.

Preparing for Exam and Interview

Aspirants have to clear a written and practical test so as to be eligible for the Stenographer license. The written test comprises of questions on common awareness and aptitude. An English verbal communication test will also be carried out as part of the examination so as to test the language skills of the contenders. Aspirants should have good typing skills with swiftness so as to clear the practical. They can procure specially designed books from bookstores as part of preparation for the written exam.

Pays and Perks

The pay packages of stenographers lies between INR 10,000 and 15,000, all depending on how accurate and quick the person is with shorthand typing. Government jobs are a better option as the pay package starts from INR 8000 p.m and come with a host of other value added benefits that are not seen in private jobs. As such, there is no doubt that the job of a stenographer is an exciting one and there is no dearth of good opportunities as well. With a good government job as a stenographer, you can easily plan a future for yourself and your family as well.

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