What Is The Complete Working System Of A Water Cooling Tower?

Cooling towers are unique type of tower made specifically meant for heat inter-changer which helps in air and water to come together that result in lowering the temperature of hot water. Cooling tower does numerous processes in it with basic being the cooling of hot water. Basically the main job of cooling tower is to lower down the temperature of which gets.

How does it Work?

In many industrial works there is heavy use of hot water this hot water is then transferred in cooling tower with help of pipes. There are nozzles which are specially designed for shower water and the nozzles also provide air to pass through them making a perfect combination of air and water.

The air is then sucked out by electric water cooling tower fan. This process is done over and over again till hot water’s temperature ease down. At the time when air and water merges with each other very small amount of water evaporates which ultimately results in cooling of water.

Most common water cooling tower works on evaporative cooling. This method ensures that the hot water after industrial process that is being supplied to wet deck in the cooling tower and then further transferred through nozzles with same time the other nozzles let the air comes in by air inlets, this whole function enables evaporation and the result is that hot air evaporates and water becomes cooler.

The cooling is mainly based on constant flow of air through fan which is placed on the ceiling of the cooling tower. For cooling purpose water cooling towers manufacturers India technically attach wet bulb temperature which constantly takes air from the natural flow of breeze.

On non-breezy days the fan which is mounted on ceiling plays important role for cooling hot water. Fans are installed with regulators so there speed can be adjusted accordingly. In normal uses two speed power fans are used.

What Are the Types of Water Cooling Towers?

Where is Water Cooling Tower Required?

Industries are the most common users of water cooling towers. Water cooling towers manufacturers India specially designs cooling towers keeping in consideration about their business module, space availabilities, electrical power and other various aspects.

The main purpose of water cooling towers is to serve industries like petroleum refineries, natural gas plants, crystallizations, toy manufacturers and etc. Cooling plants are must in these industries as the use of heated water is high in these industries and there is a constant need of cooling the water for further use.


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