Friday 14 May 2021

Yoga, The Life and Blood Of Rishikesh

Yoga is considered to be a journey towards exploring oneself through one’s very own consciousness. It isn’t about touching our toes or twisting ourselves in a knot, it is about finding ourselves and peace and positivity in the process of doing so. Yoga teaches one to worship their own body and makes one body pristine so as to reside our soul with in.

Yoga, The Life and Blood Of Rishikesh

Rishikesh is the spot chosen by any yogis and yoginis to attain this apex knowledge of Yoga. It is this Yoga capital of the world, Rishikesh, where people not attain, train but also impart the spiritual knowledge.

Yoga Teacher training course in Rishikesh have bloomed and blossomed. As the world is moving towards modernization, there are pristine places like Rishikesh that are still walking towards the path of peaceful existence. It serves to be the home for all those seeking peace and spirituality.

Yoga enthusiasts and spiritual seekers all around the world travel to Rishikesh to train themselves to that they can help and impart the knowledge, they have attained to the many others around them. Yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh prepares one and lead one to the intense spiritual path of yoga and worldly knowledge that certifies one to be capable of imparting the same to others.

Yoga Teacher Training course in Rishikesh are designed and formulated taking into consideration the needs of various people. The number hours of training varies and the daily schedule has to be often customized so as to meet the needs of all. There are 500 Hours to 200 hour yoga teacher training Rishikesh,which includes not just intense yoga and relaxation but helps one enjoy other aspects of Rishikesh as well.

Yoga, The Life and Blood Of Rishikesh

There are designed yoga plans for 100 hours as well but, most people prefer to go for 200 hour yoga teacher training Rishikesh, since this provides the people who have travelled from all across the globe enough time to explore and embrace the self within them through Yoga practices and therapies, further it gives them the time to explore various aspects of Rishikesh and the many tourist sites its famous for.

Rishikesh is not just a Yoga hub but the ultimate destination for people looking for adventure. The many travellers and tourist go for activities like white water rafting and trekking in this region. People find solace by doing not just yoga but also trying their hands on table, sitar and visiting pilgrimage sites. One of the most soulful experience being the evening Ganga aarti. People interact with fellow travellers, exchange views, opinions and thoughts. Rishikesh, more than a land of Yoga and sadhus, is a land where cultural interaction takes places. It is this interaction that makes it a place of harmony.

The people enjoy meditating and finding peace on the banks of the holy Ganges and absorb the fresh mountain air that surrounds the spiritual town of Rishikesh. The tingling temple bells, the sound of gravel rubbing on one another with the flow of the river fills each sense of the individual with immense positivity and harmony.



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