Your Ultimate Guide To Family Travel Packing

So now you’ve planned your family holiday vacation or a weekend getaway – hopefully, your best one yet. And all that’s left to do for now, after tirelessly arranging your itineraries, accommodations, and transportation, is to pack your travel luggage. Packing things for the whole family could be tough, considering all the necessities of your family members should be brought. But you don’t have to worry about it because we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a round-up of the ten best tips for family travel packing:

Don’t forget the First-aid kit Plus Some Medications

First-aid kits are of prime importance. You’ll never know what unfortunate things might strike your family so always be prepared with your first aid kit and some medications for drowsiness, vomiting, headache, cough, and colds.

Scan or Snap Photos of your Significant Documents

Scan or snap pictures of your passports, green cards, visa pages of your passports birth certificates, and driver’s license so if you ever misplace these things, there will be less hassle.

Pack Versatile Clothes

Bringing clothes that is suitable for all seasons like jeans, shirts, cardigans, etc. will get you covered for the whole trip and will lighten your luggage load instead of bringing a ton of blouses of every style that will just clump the luggage. Anyways, you don’t want any excess luggage, right?

Bring your Trusted Camera/s

Any travel won’t be complete without any documentation so bring your trusted digicams or DSLRs! Also, let your kid/s experiment with photography to enhance their creativity and to discover the aesthetic value of their surroundings. You’ll never know, maybe you’re looking at a future photographer!

Pack your Toiletries

It’s more practical to transfer your toiletries like shampoos, liquid soaps, conditioners, and lotions into small containers and pack it together with your toothbrush into a ziplock or anything that is spill-free. This way, you can freshen up every time you feel like it.

Never forget your W A L L E T

Okay, so this is the most important thing.  Make sure to bring your credit cards, debit cards and some cash.

Bring Small Bags or Backpacks

For everyday strolling and touring, bring your comfortable backpacks or sling bags that would be perfect for carrying your essentials, sunglasses, wallets, camera, etc. In case you want to take little more things, consider having one of these lightweight suitcases. If you don’t weigh your bags and luggage, you may have to pay extra airfare for extra luggage weight. So, consider having one of these luggage scales to ensure you don’t pay extra airfare.

Bring Small Toys or Any Form of Entertainment (for kids)

To keep your little ones busy and not cranky, bring puzzles, coloring books, toy cars or other small toys that won’t take too much space.

Of course, your Gadgets

Phones, tablets and other gadgets that would make your trip easier and more comfortable should be brought. You could use your phone or tablet if your camera hits the red light. Also, reading a book or playing a game on your tablet will keep you entertained for long flights or rides.

Bring Laundry Bags and Disposable Plastics

If you don’t want to mix up the clean and dirty clothes, then a clean laundry bag is a must. Also, you should bring zip locks to waterproof your accessories and gadgets. And lastly, don’t forget to bring small disposable plastics for vomiting kids and adults.

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