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4 Ways to Build Your Brand Through Web Design

4 Ways to Build Your Brand Through Web Design

The website of your company speaks to the numerous customers you don’t actually interact with. It is somewhat the digital-persona of your company that you want the public to see and appreciate. Therefore, it is extremely important to incorporate your company’s uniqueness to the website as well.

Once you’ve established your company offline, it is crucial to ensure that its website is as effective as an expert about your company. From the font and colour of the text to the usage of white space, colour combinations, and other design-elements, they all speak about your brand. Therefore, make sure they’re right on point.

Here are 4 ways to help you create a unique website that will establish a strong and positive online reputation for your company:

Colour it Up with Your Own Theme

Every colour on the website affects the visiting-users in one-way or the other. For example, different shades of blue feel peaceful, red and yellow are contrasting, and greys and white seem calm and soothing.

You need to match your website’s theme with your business and incorporate its various unique features in the form of colours. Once you’ve finalized all the colours you’re going to use, spread it out on your website to all the parts where people might navigate to. This includes headers, navigation bar, drop boxes, and the background for the website content as well.

Dedicating time to create the perfect theme for your website can give it a unique look and ensure that people remember about it. Make sure to use lighter hues for areas like navigation bars and drop boxes to ensure the content in them is visible to the users.

Utilize the Aesthetical Advantages of Whitespace

When we recommend colouring up your website, we don’t literally mean the complete page. Even though you might have excellent ideas to fill up every inch of your website, it is often better to leave them white. Are you curious about why should you do this?

Well, the whitespace can never miss the eye and, therefore, is guaranteed to pull the attention of users to whatever is in that area. When combined with other design-elements and colours, whitespace has been found to increase attentiveness-span and grasping rate by more than 20%.

Human eyes are inclined to over-processing all the things they see. However, when it comes to whitespace, it gives your eyes the freedom to relax and imagine.

Therefore, website designing that has a smart usage of whitespace as part of their overall theme is guaranteed to be more eye-catching and efficient than a website that has a palette of colours throughout its entirety.

Simplicity is the Key to Font Selection

Using similar fonts for the various displayed-content can add life to a website. However, your website isn’t a page out of a calligraphy book and using widely different fonts might reduce the readability of the content.

You should prefer to choose fonts that go well together rather than those that have too much calligraphy or artistic features for each alphabet. Too much creativity in this aspect might reduce readability and, thus, nullify all the hard work you put in to create and optimize your website’s content.

We recommend using a combination of fonts like Cambria, Calibri, Times New Roman, and Modern Sans Serif for the content on your webpages. Use different font sizes with different fonts in your content to attract the user’s attention to the key parts of the page.

Complement Words with Creative Images

Images are a key part of any website design. It might not always be easy finding the image you’re looking for your website. However, this may push you to add your own creativity to the available supplies.

Be it the background or the various images scattered throughout your website, every picture should support the content on that page and speak volumes about your brand. Even content marketing agencies recommend you to find good-quality pictures to add more weight to the content displayed.

You can combine other design elements like theme, colour and whitespace with unique images to create a unique look for your website. For example, a webpage with a New York skyline silhouette background would look great with a full black theme and black and white fonts. You can even use matte-shades of maroon, orange, or whatever matches with the images for navigation bars and drop boxes as well.

The overall look of your website is a crucial aspect considering it is the first thing people will see before viewing what they actually visited for. Therefore, it is extremely important to put in the extra effort and create a unique identity for your website.

However, make sure your website walks hand in hand with your business/company’s identity. It doesn’t make a point to create a website that speaks completely different as compared to what your business aims to deliver.

If you’re genuinely dedicated to the idea of a unique website, just an extra bit of effort can attract more traffic and convert them to leads.



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