Friday 19 July 2024

Electric Scooter vs. Kick Scooter: The Big Debate

Which one is better? This is up to complete debate, they both have their advantages and disadvantages down to what works best for you. 


The question on everyone’s lips is which is better? Whether you are sick of waiting for unreliable transport or the overpriced parking and Uber prices then you might have been debating getting a scooter as a way to get around and before you think you’re too old for it, you’re wrong, the options for adult electric scooters and are endless nowadays, we are no longer limited to the sole choice of kick scooters like we were in our childhood. Llet’s get familiar with what the basic differences between electric and kick scooters. 


Electric Scooters


At first glance, you might not be able to differentiate or tell the difference between an electric or kick scooter. But it’s powered through a battery that is usually attached at the front or bottom of the scooter and the throttle on the handlebars and brake at the back. The speed is completely dependent on the model you choose, To be used, the battery must be charged fully in order to get the most out of the range for your first use. Depending on the brand, you can choose lightweight options if that’s important for your scootering experience during your decision-making process. 


Top tip: It’s recommended to charge your electric scooters every 2-3 months. This will vary depending on how much you are using the scooter, which can take typically between 4-20 hours. It really is as easy as plugging into a power outlet and then off you go! 


Kick Scooters 


We all have had our experiences with a kick scooter, a simple two-wheeled vehicle with a little pedal at the back above the wheel as it breaks. You may think they are still just for children but think again – some brands specifically create adult kick scooters. 


Advantages of an Electric Scooter 




An electric scooter can cut your journey in half, if not more, compared to not only a kick scooter, but a bus journey also. You don’t have to stop every 200 yards to collect the next person and you aren’t burning a lot of energy as you accelerate. It can save a lot of time spent traveling whether it’s to work, your friends or simply to the shops. 


Some models can reach speeds of 30 mph or more, this method of traveling not only saves time but also saves money. 


Cost Effective


Depending on the model you decide to go with, the most significant expense is the initial payment for the electric scooter, however, in comparison to paying for a car, insurance, and constant petrol fill-ups it can become a considerable expense. According to the review of mobility on average, it will cost £40 annually to recharge your electric scooter which is more than affordable. 




With advancements in technology, there have been models known for their foldable features that are currently available. This can be extremely useful for when you’ve arrived to work you don’t have to waste time locking up your scooter or worry about anything happening to it therefore there is no risk involved with an electric scooter, this allows you to fold and carry with it whenever you want. 




This method avoids all those embarrassing moments when you’re rushing somewhere and arrive all sweaty and stressed. This removes any demanding physical activity, it requires you to do very little creating a comfortable and easygoing experience. This also allows you to focus more on where you’re going and your environment which creates some more security and is more accessible when navigating and crossing roads.  


Not only that but most electric scooters come with high-quality tyres and suspension which not only makes you comfortable, but it prevents any uneasy movements going over bumps. 




Due to the speed electric scooters can drive onto the road, which can be dangerous if you aren’t wearing the correct accessories such as pads and a helmet, although it’s not compulsory, it can be done until you feel comfortable to go solo. 




As mentioned before, electric scooters are acting as a way to get people out of cars that are more harmful to the environment and moving onto scooter transport instead. It can be such an easier way to commute to work, no more sitting in traffic and this can therefore cut your commuting time and acts as an attractive alternative. 


Advantages of Kick Scooters




Kick scooters are completely eco-friendly, producing no emissions. After that one payment buying your kick scooter, there are no payments down the line. It relies completely on the rider’s fitness abilities. 


Health and Wealth


If you’re using a kick scooter to get from point A to B, there is no need to do any cardio when it comes to the gym. Every journey becomes an exercise and starts your health and fitness journey well every morning and evening. As we become more busy with work, kids, and social life it can be hard to fit in exercise, but owning a kick scooter does that for you while you’re on your way to work. 


People are usually surprised when they feel the effects of using a kick scooter, it not only targets your legs but your core muscles to keep your balance while you’re riding. 


You Can Do It With Your Eyes Closed


When we were kids no one had to sit down and teach us how to ride a scooter, It’s something almost every child has done and it’s not something that we forget with adulthood. Although it is suggested that you are in keeping with the local area and get used to riding close to cars, as it can be quite intimidating being next to large vehicles. 




From experiences with both products, there are more benefits from an electric scooter. It’s packed with a range of benefits that seem a lot more relevant to people’s priorities at the moment. It’s better than a car and with constant conversations about congestion problems, an electric scooter not only helps but acts as enough motivation for people to start using this as an alternative method to driving to work. Although it does not have health benefits, it saves time riding to the gym, and with lockers, you can safely store them inside. 


If you have more health priorities, or your work travel isn’t that long then a kick scooter wouldn’t be a bad investment and a more affordable alternative that you can keep at the comfort of your desk every day and there is no stress about your battery running out during a journey.