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Taking Supplements In Cycles

Taking Supplements In Cycles

Taking supplements in cycles has nothing to do with cycling and using supplements. This is regarding taking supplements and then notice that they are not working after a certain period. To remedy this, it is recommended that you cycle off it for a given time.

What does it Mean?

What happens here involves taking supplements for a particular period, then taking some time off without them. The period within which you do this varies. Some people might decide to use them during the week and then stop while others opt to have them for a couple of months, then take a couple of weeks off and then starting all over again.

Why do People do it?

There a couple of reasons why people choose to do cycling, the main one being tolerance. Using some supplements for an extended period results in them failing to have the desired effects. This is due to your body adapting to the impact of the supplement. A good example is the continued use of caffeine, which results in the body wanting to have more of it to achieve the same effect.

Suppression is yet another reason why it is crucial to do cycling. This is essentially your body discovering that you have more of some given enhancements than your body has typically, which signals it to stop making any more of it on its own because, after all, it has enough from your supplements.

A good example is if you are taking something like a fat metaboliser which is naturally made for human bodies. If this is done for a considerable period, then the body’s natural reaction is to sit back and not produce any further fat metaboliser.

This is because the body interprets that the body already has enough of it, and there is no need for more. This situation takes a long time before the body adapts.

The third reason is called the threshold. This means once your body gets enough of the supplement you are taking; the excess is taken out of the system.

The final reason is burnout. This is a result of your body getting fatigued due to a routine that you engage in. This is why it is vital to rest even when you are working out. Without rests, we run the risk of burnout.

When you cycle, you allow your body to give you the best out of the supplements that you are taking. Instead of fighting with your system, you find a way to beat the system and still get what you want from them.

Are there some that should not be Cycled?

Some of the commonly used supplements do not require cycling. This includes vitamin and protein supplements. These can be taken every day without any issues. However, it is essential to remember that using too much of a supplement with the hope that it will perform better or faster is an exercise in futility. The results will be the same as if you were taking the correct dosage, which means you will end up spending more money with similar results.

What Supplements should be Cycled?

We go by the simple rule; if it is not meant to supplement your diet, then it should be cycled.

This will include fat burners, pre-workouts, and post workouts.

How often should One Cycle?

There are different schools of thought regarding this subject, with some choosing to use supplements for a month before taking one-month break others doing it for a couple of days before taking a break. This should be entirely dependent on our bodies and how we feel comfortable and getting the results that we want.


Cycling helps you get the best out of them and, at the same time, help save on money that might essentially be getting wasted with your body not making use of the supplements appropriately.


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