Tuesday 31 January 2023

What causes customer dissatisfaction?

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Customers are the kings to an organization and their satisfaction defines how a company has been performing. After all, every business operation is run to satisfy the customer and eventually derive sales out of him. Their dissatisfaction is a topic of concern. Different customers have different concerns and all of them needs to be dealt with utmost attention. But have you ever wondered, what dissatisfy the customer? To solve this issue, we decided to bring you some of the reasons behind that. So, let’s get started-:

Speed of service

Customers want a speedy work. They are less interested in how you are going to manage it, all they care about is the amount of time and quality of work you present to them. Nobody likes to wait and same is the case with your customer, when you promise to deliver the work on a particular day, make it a deadline and stick to your promise. If your services are slow and steady, your customer base will go down and as a result, there will be a decrease in the sales as well.

When payment options are limited

Another way to Fix Bad Online Reputation is by aligning one’s mindset with that of the customer’s mindset. Customer these days have a habit of choosing among a variety of options. They are not satisfied with the limited number of payment options which is why as a business, you need to make sure that you make all those options available to the customer. Multiple payment options keep the customer interested.

When customers are unable to contact you

Make it easy for the customers to contact you, the phone lines should also be on and active replies of texts need to be sent immediately. There should be no delay in replies and calls should be properly answered. Customers feel dissatisfied when they are no properly dealt with. Their queries need to be listened properly to remove online complaints. Immediate solutions need to be provided to the customer to avoid dissatisfaction.

When customers are unable to access your website

Poor accessibility leads to decline in overall sales. Your website should be open for access from all kinds of devices such as computer, tablet and smart phone. You never know the gadget which your potential customer is using to search your website. Unexpected crashing of websites while making payments or applying gift vouchers will discourage your customers to bank their trust upon your website. Such things need to be taken care of in fact avoided.

Defect in the quality of product or service

If your product or service has some kind of fault, instead of trying to hide them, apologize for it. The customer has already suffered the loss and you can also suffer the damage of reputation if you still try to justify your product or service. Customer’s appreciate when you accept your mistake and is ready to pay for the loss. So, it is better to accept and save your company from more damage.