Sunday 16 June 2024

10+ Bedroom Feng Shui Tips For Better Sleep

10+ Bedroom Feng Shui Tips For Better Sleep

Sleeping is a vital part of our lives, yet many people neglect to partake in healthy schedules and habits. Many of us stay up late reading or working or just binge-watching the newest TV series on Netflix.

Even if you go to bed on time and have the entire 8 hours of sleep, as recommended by many specialists, you still wake up tired, grumpy, and most likely, with a headache. This is because your sleep length is not the only important factor to feeling rested and refreshed. Just as with many other activities, the quality of your sleep is just as important, if not even more.

A stressful day, argument, overwhelming work responsibilities, and emotional distress can easily lead to a series of sleepless nights. This is why it’s so important to maximise the number of positive influences in your bedroom so that you can have the best night of sleep that will keep you energised and happy.

One way of doing that is through Feng Shui’s art, and in this article, we will take a look at the best and most effective ways of furnishing and decorating your bedroom so that you can get the maximum from every night’s sleep.

Carefully choose the Location of the Bed

The most important aspect when constructing a Feng Shui bedroom is the location of the bed. It is the place where you go to restore your energy, so it’s very important that this energy flow is not obstructed by anything.

An essential rule in the Feng Shui bedroom design is that you never place your bed with your feet pointing towards the door. It’s considered to be a very morbid position since it resembles the coffin being taken away feet first.

Besides that, there are some other recommendations, and now we will take a closer look at them.

Place the Bed’s Head Against a Wall

Having a wall behind your head, especially if there is also a headboard, will give you a sense of security, making the process of falling asleep a lot easier. It’s an instinct of every creature to search for a stable foundation, like the animals snuggling in nests and next to the cave walls.

It’s also better because of purely practical reasons. If the bed is turned the other way, practically in the middle of the room, all the traffic will go through your head with absolutely no chance of having a good sleep.

Not under a Window

Another big no-no is putting your bed right below the window of the room. We know it looks very aesthetically pleasing, especially if you’re a fan of symmetry and have a big window right in the middle of the wall against the door.

However, according to Feng Shui principles, the window connects you to the outside world like a gateway from your bedroom. This means that there is a constant flow of outside Qi that also brings a neverending amount of noises, smells, wind, shadows, light, movements, etc.

All of that will only disrupt your peaceful sleep, especially if those smells, sounds, etc., are unfamiliar to you. Your body will be alerted by those influences, waking you up in the middle of the night, making it very difficult to fall asleep again.

Stay away from the Door

This is very important because of two main reasons. One – if you live with others, you will be bombarded with the sounds of traffic in the hallway and people going about their business. And second – same as the window, you don’t want your peaceful sleep to be interrupted by the abundance of outside energy.

Of course, if you live alone, that doesn’t apply, but we still don’t recommend it if you have the choice.

Decorate your Bedroom Properly


Specialists’ opinions on mirrors differ significantly from each other because of the many opposing Feng Shui schools. Still, most of them agree that it’s not a good idea to position the mirror in a way that you can see your reflection from the bed. Many believe that a mirror can steal the soul and energy of a sleeping person, which is why they recommend having it somewhere hidden, like a closet door, for example.

When it comes to the mirror itself, go for a round-shaped one because it represents the harmonious flow of relationships and helps the positive Qi energy to be distributed evenly throughout the whole bedroom.

Non-sleep related Furniture

The best place for that is out of the bedroom. To get the most out of your sleep, the bedroom needs to be clear of all possible distractions, especially work-related. Don’t put your work desk or study corner in the room if you have the choice to do so.

If that is not the case and you live in a small flat or a shared house, try to separate those two areas with a curtain, bedroom divider or a bookshelf. Anything that would help to keep the stress from your work or studies away from the sleeping zone.

Generally, besides your bed, it’s recommended to have two nightstands, a reading lamp, a wardrobe, some plants, and, as we already mentioned, a mirror. Anything else is considered to be a hindrance to a healthy sleep schedule.

Of course, there are some exceptions like candles, wax burners, alarm clocks and speakers for your music, audiobooks and podcasts.

Keep the Electronics Away

This is the main thing people decide to ignore and freely put huge TV’s in their bedroom, keep their phone right next to their head and the laptops on a desk next to the bed. It’s a big no-no. Electronics emit electromagnetic energy constantly, even if they are not turned on, so they disrupt and interfere with your sleep without you noticing.

If you don’t have an alarm clock and use your phone as one, put it at least 3 m away from the bed. This way, you will be forced to get up to turn it off, and you won’t be tempted by late-night scrolling on social media.

Choose a relaxing Colour Palette

According to Fantastic Handyman, Australia, soft, pale and matt colours are the best choice for any bedroom. You don’t want any obnoxious patterns or crazy bright colours. They can be exceedingly hurtful to your eyes and make falling asleep a lot harder than it should be.

Most people go for light earth tones like brown, green, blue, and off white. If you don’t like to have a very spare bedroom, you can put an accent wall with a darker hue of the main colour or darker curtains. You can also incorporate different patterns and colours in your bedroom decorations like vases, paintings, pillows and blankets. Just try not to go too far with the variations so that they don’t become too busy.

Enhance your Bedroom with Plants and essential Oils

Like the mirror situation, most Feng Shui experts fail to agree on plants’ presence in the bedroom. Some say they steal energy, and others believe that they clear up the air and even help with sleeping.

You can try out both ways and decide which one is better. Place the plants away from the bed, on a windowsill, for example, and choose one that either doesn’t smell at all or have a very gentle, barely noticeable one.

As for the essential oils, go for lavender, chamomile and orange smells. They are proven to be highly relaxing and to be able to get people in the mood for sleeping. However, we recommend that you burn the oils before going to bed and not let them go through the whole night. Sometimes smells can become too heavy and disrupt your peaceful sleep instead of helping it.

Keep the Room Free of Clutter

Since Feng Shui is all about the flow of positive energy in everything surrounding us, having a cluttered room is undoubtedly out of the question. Especially in the space below your bed. People tend to utilise this area as an extra storage room, but it’s not a good idea as it will stop the flow of positive Qi around your bed. If you have a lot of items below your bed, find another place for them, and if you’re not sure what to do with it, then you probably don’t even need it anymore.

Once you’ve cleared the area under your bed, it’s time to take a look at the rest of the room. Do you have any items that serve no purpose but still take up a lot of space? Messy piles of documents, dusty CD collections from God knows when or just boxes full of random stuff you’re too sentimental to throw away. All of those have to go. Either find them a purpose or give them to someone else. You will find that not only your room but your mind will also clear.

Make sure there is a Constant Flow of Fresh Air

It’s the most logical thing you can do to ensure that the good energy we’re aiming for has the opportunity to continue its path. If you have an AC, change the filters regularly and ensure that it functions properly.

Most of all, just keep your windows open as much as you can. If you’re afraid that some animals or insects might come in, just install a net on the window. Especially in the summer, you have to let the fresh air in so that it reaches every corner of the room, and when you go to bed at night, you’re not surrounded by stiff and stale energy.