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10 Easy DIY Cabinet Upgrades to Improve Your Kitchen

10 Easy DIY Cabinet Upgrades to Improve Your Kitchen

After some time, your kitchen will look old-fashioned. So, it may be necessary that you redo some sections including buying a few items from smart kitchen appliances to give it a new lease of life. Also, you may decide to give it a new coat to make it attractive. In some cases, you may need to replace the cabinetry to modernize it. But some of the renovations may be too costly for you. So, you may just decide on DIY kitchen cabinet upgrades. But, if you are carrying out the upgrade by yourself, it will be prudent to only choose activities you can afford to accomplish.

The kitchen upgrade entails replacing the old cabinetry with new ones. It may also entail giving the cabinets a fresh coat of paint. Thus, whether the kitchen is large or small, there are simple fixes you can initiate including kitchen cabinet design to make it look gorgeous and modern.

Here are some kitchen cabinet ideas you can implement to make your kitchen cabinet look modern and appealing.

1. Change the Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets play an important role in the kitchen. So once in a while, you must renovate them or do a few things including replacing them with new ones. But you need a DIY toolbox to get started. Note that some cabinets will need a bit more work than just refacing them. But you may just opt for kitchen cabinet refacing, which entails replacing broken parts and repainting them. It is the cheapest way of transforming and modernizing your kitchen cabinets. Notice that refacing the cabinets is cheaper compared to replacing the cabinets.

Also, you may choose to replace the old boxes with new ones. If the doors and frames are in good shape, you only need to paint them. If you chose to paint them, choose colors that will give them some flair. Besides, ensure you clean them before you apply a coat of paint. Lastly, ensure to use a brush to clean them. Start by applying glaze before you apply kitchen cabinet colors.

2. Installing Cabinet

If you notice that the storage space is not adequate, you may increase it by installing new shelves. The pullout shelves, in particular, can allow you to increase the storage capacity. It enables your cabinet to accommodate more items. Ensure to fix them so that they easily glide over each other to allow you to access the stored items fast. But before you start making the shelves, measure the spaces available and decide the number of shelves you need. Next, Visit the lumberyard and collect the materials you will use to make the shelves.

Also, consider buying a half or a quarter sheet of plywood for the job. If you do not possess some woodwork skills, visit the nearest carpenter armed with the right kitchen cabinet dimensions. They will charge you a small fee to make the shelves.

3. Install Rollout Shelves

You may also choose to install roll-out shelves on your corner kitchen cabinet. Such shelves come in handy if you want to store more items in your kitchen cabinets. Note that once you install the roll-out shelves, you will bid bye to the trouble of removing all the items when you want to get a particular utensil while cooking.

Also, you will need to decide the type of roll-out shelves to install. Take the measurements and visit the nearest hardware store. They should be able to make the shelves. Alternatively, you may choose to place an order for customized shelves.

10 Easy DIY Cabinet Upgrades to Improve Your Kitchen

4. Undercabinet Lighting

Cabinets will always feature spaces that you can utilize to improve the lighting in the kitchen. Therefore, you can do under cabinet lightening to make the kitchen shiny. If it is properly done, it helps highlight vital features of the kitchen. Note that complex lighting may require that you call a pro.

However, you should be able to install simple LED lights by just using adhesive. It is simple to do this. Just run a lighting track under the white cabinet kitchen and stick the LED lights on the track. It will help beautify the cabinetry and make it easier for you to prepare meals.

5. Replacing the Knobs

Suppose the knobs are too old or have come out. Replacing them will make your cabinetry look neat. It is a DIY job that will take you a few hours but will improve your kitchen outlook. But before you buy new knobs, check and ensure that they will fit on the cabinets. If the holes have expanded, you may need to buy large knobs.

6. Replacing the Latches

If you notice that the kitchen cabinet doors cannot close, you may fix this by replacing the latches. You just need to drill fresh holes for the new latches. It will allow you to fix the problem and have the door stay closed when not using the cabinets.

7. A Sideboard

You can also improve your kitchen’s looks by building a sideboard as part of the kitchen cabinet refinishing. If it is properly done, it enhances the storage and enables you to access utensils with ease. A sideboard will allow you to have some more space for dishware, table linens, and many other items.

A handcrafted sideboard is cheap and may cost you just a few dollars if you DIY. If you choose to go this route, you will only need to buy timber and nails. This way, you will construct a sideboard at a fraction of what you would spend if you decide to buy a ready-made sideboard.

10 Easy DIY Cabinet Upgrades to Improve Your Kitchen

8. Add Door Storage

The storage issue is one of the problems that you will need to deal with if you want to add value to your kitchen. It does not matter how large the kitchen is. At some point, you will run out of space. But this need not worry you. You can increase your storage space by hanging hooks on the door. You can then use the hooks to hang utensils and cooking pots. You can also screw a basket on the door and use it to keep smaller items. It will provide the extra space you need to store some of your kitchen valuables. It also allows you to arrange and organize your kitchen utensils.

9. Creating a Chalkboard

You can create a chalkboard by simply painting the inside of the cabinet door. It will help enhance the cabinet’s looks while giving you the space you need to write your notes and your shopping list. This way, it makes it difficult for you to forget those small items that are always important in the kitchen.

Also, it helps you prioritize the items to buy if you are running on a low budget. However, before you start using the board, ensure that the paint is dried. It makes it easier to erase the writings.

10. Any Other DIY task

Of course, you are free to carry out all these DIY tasks or hire an expert to show you how to build a kitchen cabinet. Anything that you do which adds value to your kitchen is welcome. The objective is to beautify the kitchen and make it more appealing.


One of the reasons that may make you decide to do this job by yourself is the budgetary constraint. However, if you have a few extra dollars, getting the cabinet upgrade done by an expert will beautify the kitchen and make it look neat. But anyone with carpentry skills can upgrade the cabinets for you. Feel free to suggest some of the DIY cabinet upgrades you can undertake to make your kitchen attractive.

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