Sunday 03 March 2024

10 Tips For A Stylish Contemporary Garden Design

10 Tips For A Stylish Contemporary Garden Design

All around the globe, the concept of contemporary design has been rapidly spreading among the masses. People are astonished by the basic characteristics of this modern approach. And who can blame them? The key elements of modern design manage to bring style, fashion, glamour and luxury into the space. For years now, the concept of contemporary design has been getting bigger dimensions and people are not limiting it just on the house itself. A modern approach to the garden seems like the final piece of the puzzle. And here are a few tips to manage exactly that:

1. Neutral Colors

The choice of color in the modern garden is fairly easy to spot. This approach focuses its attention on simple and neutral colors which give the place a sterile, clean and sharp vibe. The best way to go is by choosing neutrals like black and white, but surely gray, brown and even metallics make a wonderful contrast.

2. Geometrical shapes

Perhaps one of the most distinctive parts of a modern design is the clean geometrical shapes. They are noticeable everywhere in the space, starting from the bigger aspects such as the layout of the furniture up to the small details like the patterns on the rug. The key is in creating a place with a sense of order and structure.

3. Clean Lines

Certainly, clean lines are one of the characteristic elements of a contemporary garden design. Straight lines greatly contribute to the complete structural vibe we are trying to achieve. Aligned a parallel silhouettes and sharp edges are certainly a basic element of the modern garden.

4. Simple Patterns

Quite connected to the previous two elements, simple and grid patterns are also one of the essential features in a modern garden design. The patterns should add to the whole impersonal and lifeless ambient.

5. Minimalistic Approach

The approach less is more is definitely the main motto here. To create an atmosphere like this you will need to focus your attention on using as little of details as possible. Only the essential things should be found in a contemporary garden design.

6. Planting Structure

When it comes to the actual plants in the garden, it is smart to keep in mind that this kind of concept is more focused on architecture rather on the plant life itself. This is why it is a good idea to carefully pick the amount and the type of plants as well. Small trees, bushes and hedges are one of the main plants used in this design.

8. Materials

Just as with the colors, the choice of materials in the cotemporary design is quite limited. The best way to go is by choosing paving concrete stones for the pathways, dark wood for the patio furniture and elements of stainless steel just for the contrast.

9. Water Elements

When it comes to adding life to the garden, water elements are preferred in a modern garden design. This means that fountains and small ponds make a wonderful addition to the complete setting.

10. Decoration Pieces

Just as already mentioned, the contemporary garden design is all about the minimalistic approach. This is why the presence of decoration is highly limited. The best approach is to go with a few sculptures and modern light fixtures to create a stylish and modern garden setting.

A contemporary garden design should represent just an extension of the interior space. This means that the layout of the garden should not much differentiate fromm the living space. By following these few tips you will be on the right path to create such a wondrous setting in your home as well.