Saturday 02 March 2024

10 Tips To Write A Good Post


Do you want to write effective posts? Here are 10 ideas that will help you write better posts. And provide your corporate blog with exceptional value. Additionally, if you want a writing service to improve your blog post means Get more info about those services at

1.- Perform a keyword research

This step should be first. It is something basic but necessary. This search will give you ideas on what you can write. Then, you can perform an analysis of the keywords with the highest search volume. And, therefore, the ones that will work best for your positioning.

2.- Brainstorming

Choose the theme and perform a brainstorming, which will help you with the fear of the blank sheet. This brainstorm will help you to outline the aspects you want to discuss in the blog. From here, you can develop what will be the first draft.

If you still need more advice to write a good post, read other articles that have already been published. There may be topics that you have forgotten to include. Also, personal experiences and examples bring the reader closer to your blog.

3.- Organize the content

It is important to organize the content following a thread of each of the posts. This may be the most complicated part. Also, the structure must be clear and simple.

That is why it is so important to create short paragraphs that facilitate the reading of the text. If, also, you add lists, tips, bold or any element that visually makes it more attractive, the better.

And remember that the first paragraph is key. Make it short, that encourages you to continue reading and above all that captures the key message of the article. And do not forget to use the H1, H2 and other options that will improve the visualization of every writing service.

4.- Choose a good title

The title is almost more important than the content. It is worth spending a good time thinking about him and not rushing. Think that is the first thing the reader will see. And, if it does not convince or motivate you, it will not fulfill its function.

5.- Persuasive tone

Differentiate yourself from the competition by your way of addressing the user. Indeed, the tone is closely related to the theme. But, anyway, it has to arouse empathy and complicity in the reader, one of the tips for writing a good, more basic post.

It is important to find your style and, also, you have to write always thinking about the call to final action. You should not forget that the main objective of a corporate blog is to get new clients.

6.- Add images, videos, and infographics

Another of the tips for writing services for a good post is that the content must be organized and also have a point of interest for the reader. But what about the visual content? Images, videos or infographics are a necessary support for the text.

If you do not add visual power, the reader will end up bored and probably leave your page. Which, logically, will increase your bounce rate. If what you have written is attractive, you will have the possibility of going viral.

7.- Put internal links

The internal links are intended to facilitate reading, but above all, the mission is for the user to visit different posts of your blog to transfer authority between the pages.

Internal links facilitate indexing by contributing to On-Page SEO. And they don’t always take enough care of themselves. Therefore, one of the main tips for writing a good post must go through this technique.

8.- Quote your sources and use the no-follow

Google likes to cite your sources. Making appointments is synonymous with having collected information and having documented and taken the trouble to incorporate a bibliography.

Therefore, when you extract information remember to quote it. However, if you don’t want to transfer authority, use the following. It is not a bad practice among digital content creators. And remember to always open the link in a new tab, because you are not interested in a third-party page overlapping yours.

9.- Spread your post on social networks

Lean on the other platforms to promote your post. Use social networks to spread your post.  And all is all. Because, for example, even if you think Google+ is not a relevant social network, it helps position the content you publish.

The marketing strategy of a company is formed taking into account the brand, the website and the rest of the external components that you use. Therefore, rely on social networks so that the effort is finally common.

10.- Decide the ideal extension

The ideal extension varies. It seems that Google values ​​posts over 800 words today. However, the longer the content, the better it is positioned if the more technical aspects are properly worked on.

In the end, it all sums up common sense. And the extension of the article must be conditioned by the subject of the post in question and its interest. You will see as you write a few posts about what is for your company, the perfect length to consider.