Saturday 02 March 2024

10 Ways to Sneak Exercise in Your Regular Routine

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Healthy body experts say if you want to prioritize your daily physical activities, the best way is to do some planning in advance. Unfortunately, most of us don’t attain the daily physical activity recommended for disease control. No wonder so many people in the United States are obese and overweight.

I know several people who are incredibility disciplined at working out. They go to the gym after work regularly. To be honest, I am not as disciplined as them. I would rather head home and watch an episode of The Seinfeld Show on NBC brought by Spectrum TV plans.

We all want to relax after work but I noticed my legs hurt all the time. I had become lazier than ever and no physical activity was to blame. If getting a gym membership is not your thing (just like me), here are some ways to make exercise a part of your regular routine.

1: Start Easy

First things first, you don’t have to do extensive cardio or weight training for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I did some self-analysis and found that the thing I dislike the most is doing tough exercises after my 9 to 5 job.

Therefore, I started simple. I started my day by going for a run. If you cannot do that, then simply take a bike to work. Another trick to get yourself to walk is parking your car farther than you normally do.

2: Run Errands

The idea is to motivate yourself to get up and walk instead of driving everywhere. So if you want to head to a friend’s house who lives nearby, walk. Similarly, walk to the grocery store.

You can also run your errands riding a bike. This is so much cheaper than joining a gym. It may seem like a task but the good news is you will start feeling healthier after a week.

3: Workout at Your Desk

There are so many discreet moves you can make sitting at your desk. Don’t worry, your co-workers won’t even notice.

First up is triceps dips. Do that on the edge of your chair. If you have back pain, then do hamstring stretches i.e. extend one leg in front and lean forward from the waist. Your body will stretch and you will feel so much better.

4: Carry a Basket Instead of Pushing a Trolley

When you head to the grocery store, ditch the trolley and get a basket. This will not just save you money (because you will shop less), it will be a little workout adventure for your shoulders and biceps.

When you pick up the basket from the floor, take it as an opportunity to perform squats. Push your hips back a little bit and then up it up.

5: Make It a Part of Your To-Do List

I found this hack very useful since I love making a to-do list. I have added exercising in my to-do list and trust me, it really works.

When I successfully workout, I don’t just get to cross it off my list but I put a sticker to reward myself for accomplishing this goal. This kept me motivated and stick to the schedule I have made for myself.

#6: Work Out With a Friend

Once you have set the pace by performing the above activities, it’s time to join a gym with a friend. It’s important to have someone for accountability. No matter how unmotivated you are, if you have a friend by your side, you won’t skip your workout sessions.

7: Do Some Sofacise

It’s an actual thing. While you are watching your favorite shows on TV, use the sofa to perform push-ups, squats, and bridges. You won’t have to miss out on entertainment and you will have the opportunity to exercise at the same time. It’s a win-win.

8: Walk Your Dog

If you have a dog, go on a power walk with your buddy on a daily basis. This would be a great work out.

9: Go and Talk to People

Whether it’s your coworkers, friends or neighbor, don’t send them an instant message or call them to have a chat. Walk to them for having a conversation.

10: Track Your Fitness

You will have to invest in a fitness tracker. It will help you stay updated with your daily steps, heart rate, and calorie count. Some trackers also help evaluate if you are getting a healthy sleep at night.

At the end of the day, make a habit of sharing your daily fitness stats with your friend. This will keep you from losing motivation.

Summing Up

Now that I have made exercise a part of my daily routine, I don’t feel so guilty about upgrading my Internet plan to Spectrum Internet Ultra. Even though I still binge-watch shows and movies, I don’t stick to the couch all the time. I work out too. You do the same, or at least try!