Friday 19 July 2024

2 Cloud Solutions For Artists

Jerzy Kosinski, the Polish-American novelist, once said, “The principles of true art are not to portray, but to evoke”. Contemporary art and artists have evolved by leaps and bounds since the days of Jerzy. Artists nowadays have modern technological conveniences available to them that Jerzy couldn’t even fathom back in his days. These technological advancements have made it possible for artists to not only hone and nurture their skills but also broaden the circumference of their intended audience. Two such tools that can really assist artists are cloud based SharePoint and hosted virtual desktop.

2 Cloud Solutions For Artists

How can Artists benefit from Cloud based SharePoint?

Creating art is one thing but its proper storage according to classification, its management, and sharing it with the right audience are something very different. Fortunately, for artists belonging to any genre, discipline or field cloud based SharePoint has just what the doctor ordered. It’s a one stop solution to all the needs mentioned above. Cloud based SharePoint has the following benefits that can be reaped by artists:

  • Management library of digital assets
  • Setting up team site

Management Library of Digital Assets

Let’s assume that you are an artist who works with lots of image, audio and video files. You can have cloud based SharePoint configured to assist you into effortlessly creating, discovering and organizing all the content. Not only you can do all of that but you can also take advantage of the inherent SharePoint content types for sharing your work with users and cataloging it. When sharing the content, the artist owning them has complete control on what rights and privileges to bestow upon each user of the library.

Setting up Team Site

If you are an artist in-charge of a team of cohorts, the cloud based SharePoint offers setting up a team site. The team site allows any member of the team to upload, download, share and collaborate on content with other team mates. The team site also allows uploading supporting documents and presentations relevant to the task at hand.

As an artist if you are looking for SharePoint solutions, can assist you into starting from scratch. The website offers SharePoint cloud hosting at very competitive rates, fully customizable to suit different client’s requirement.

Hosted Virtual Desktop Advantages for Artists

Another boon of cloud computing for artists is hosted virtual desktop. Availing hosted virtual desktop puts several key advantages at the disposal of artists such as:

  • Cost cutting
  • Scalable hardware, software resources
  • Mobility

Cost Cutting

For an artist who works with audio visual footage, editing, special effects and sound effects, having an optimized computer with an exceptionally large storage capacity is the order of the day. But on the flipside such a computer can be costly. The solution to this problem is availing hosted virtual desktop. By getting this service, all the resource intensive applications and software are hosted and run on the server offering the service. The artist only has to access the virtual desktop from any internet enabled device and start using the desktop along with applications like it is residing locally on their device.

Scalable Hardware, Software Resources

Availing a hosted virtual desktop also ensures that the hardware for running assignment critical applications and software is scalable for the clients. This means, on the client’s request, the hardware resources such as storage, processor time, RAM can be upgraded on notice. Similarly, if the artist feels that hardware and software resources at their disposal are in excess of their requirement, it can all be downgraded. The flexibility a hosted virtual desktop renders to an artist is unmatchable by any other solution.


Hosted virtual desktop also ensures that artists can access their applications, software and storage on the go through minimally configured devices such as cell-phones and tablets. All that is needed is an internet connection. We suggest checking out to find highly configurable virtual desktop hosting solutions, especially created for artists at competitive rates.