Monday 26 February 2024

3 Actions That Can Add To Your Moving Budget

Moving is typically associated with having to spend money. The process is known to be expensive and is not usually a method to make money (even if you are moving to a new higher paying job or made a profit when you sold your house). However, as human beings we still move with the hopes that the costs will bring with it a new start and the opportunity for a better life. However, there are things you can do to increase how much money you spend on the move. Here are three things you should not do when trying to stay on budget.

3 Actions That Can Add To Your Moving Budget

  1. Waiting until the last minute to hire the moving company: You should book your moving company around six weeks before the move is planned to take place. This should allow you the time you need in order to conduct a full check on the services they offer before you sign a contract with the company. It will also allow you the time you need to look around and ensure that you are making the right decision for you and your move. The less time you leave yourself before the move to book a company, the higher the prices are going to run. This is because the longer you wait, the less companies that will be available to conduct your move and the less time you will have to negotiate the costs. For those moving and have a short time to do so have no other choice but to quickly find a moving company. Your best bet would be to look around as much as you can before you make a final decision, and hire a company after you have done your research and looked at prices, if at all possible.

  2. Moving in the Summer: Most people don’t actually have the choice of when they move. However, there are actions you can take to make sure that you are not moving during the most expensive moving season (the summer). Some people want to wait until the summer to move because they want to allow their children to complete the current school year before the move. The best way to avoid the high costs associated with the summer months if this is your case is to schedule moving day for within a week of the last day of the school year. If some other reason is forcing you to move in July, August, or the beginning of September, your best bet is to book a weekday. Costs associated with this time of year are higher and services are harder to find.

  3. Assuming you will be informed of additional fees: The price quoted is not always the same as the final prices of services. If the moving company comes across things they did not expect, you may have additional fees for services added to your final bill. You should ask before hiring the company what types of additional services they may be required to utilize. You should also inquire about any additional fees that might apply to your move so that you are fully prepared when the final bill arrives.