Tuesday 23 April 2024

3 Elements of a Car that require Inspection to Ensure a Safe Ride


A car is equipped with various safety features that ensure the well-being and security of the passengers. Each and every part of a car is meticulously designed to perform with maximum efficiency. Unfortunately, over time, these parts start wearing off and compromising on their performances that lead to fatal accidents. Such incidents can happen at any time and hence, taking precautions from beforehand is essential to escape unfortunate situations like these. Leading car service providers recommend the car owners to inspect the various parts of their cars before heading out for a long journey.

An inspection means a thorough check-up of each and every part of the car. Any amateur with basic knowledge of a car can perform this task. If you are unaware of the inspecting methods, here is a list of parts that experts like ASK Automotive recommend diagnosing:-

The Braking System

The braking system of your car is one of the most significant parts that ensure your safety. It is responsible for stopping the car, when in motion. In case any complication arises in the automotive brake shoes or pads, stopping the car within the desired time becomes very challenging. The delay in stopping time frequently results in accidents. To diagnose the braking system of the car, keep your ears open while applying the brakes. If you hear any scraping sound, the brake lining has reached to a point where it needs replacement. Also, if the brake pedal seems loose, visit a service provider as early as possible.

 The Car Battery

Being the powerhouse of the car, ensuring its top-notch quality is absolutely mandatory to keep the car going. Without the proper functioning of the battery, the risk of getting stranded in the middle of a road is very high. Hence, look out for obvious symbols that manifest signs of a failed battery. Check for obvious symptoms like the check engine light that indicates low battery power. Visual inspection is also effective, as swelling of the battery is a symptom of a failed battery. Check around the connecting points of the automotive cables to the engine for corrosion. In case your car needs jump-starting frequently, it is time to replace the car battery.

Clutch Plates

In manual cars, the clutch is a mandatory element. It allows the shifting of the gears. In case the clutch fails, it is difficult to diagnose as there are very few ways of doing so. Any issue with the two, four or three wheeler clutch plate will make the pedal very tight. Or, it may emit a burning smell like cooked brakes. If you remove the inspection plate, parts of the clutch are visible that help you to determine the wearing in the clutch. If it is heavily worn out, opt for an immediate replacement.

Ensuring the proper functioning of each and every part of the car is absolutely necessary. The aforementioned parts of a car are few of the elements that require frequent inspection for a safe ride.