Tuesday 25 June 2024

3 Reasons Why Garage Door Closes Very Quickly, Often With A Bang

3 Reasons Why Garage Door Closes Very Quickly, Often With A Bang

Garage door problems can range from a jammed door to scraping sounds to door imbalance and many others. While it is crucial to contact Garage Door Repair Cleveland for help but what’s more important is that you should know the reasons behind specific garage door problems so as to avoid injuries and fatal accidents.

Most of the garage door issues can hurt you if not taken care of, such as garage door closing very quickly and often with a bang. This is a common issue with garage doors and if you don’t have basic knowledge about the reasons, you might get yourself injured badly.

Reasons Why Garage Door Closes Very Quickly Often With a Bang

A banging garage door that shuts quickly is normally ignored by people assuming it to be something normal. If your door bangs and closes quickly, you must do two things:

  1. Find out the reason of the problem so you can avoid injuries and/or accidents.
  2. Contact professional Garage Door Repair Cleveland to get rid of the issue.

There are three main reasons why garage door closes very quickly with a bang.

Reason #1

The most common reason happens to be an issue with the spring(s). There are two types of springs used in garage doors:

  1. Torsion springs
  2. Extension springs

Irrespective of the type of springs your door have, if it is closing quickly with a loud noise, springs need to be checked.

Spring provides tension. As it loses tension with the passage of time, door starts smashing on the floor with a bang. Springs must have the power to hold the door up and move it down slowly and when they don’t have this potential, door starts closing too quickly.

Reason #2

There are cables attached to the springs and doors which are responsible for controlling door’s balance by making sure that tension is passed onto the springs. A damaged cable won’t do this effectively resulting in door closing quickly and often with a bang.

Reason #3

In some cases, you must have a brand new garage door that will start closing quickly or if you have recently replaced springs and cables, it will still shut quickly, the most obvious reason is that springs or cables are not installed correctly.

Poorly installed garage door springs and cables will make the door close quickly with a bang because tension is not being passed onto the springs.

Things to Avoid

So there are three reasons why garage door closes very quickly often with a bang, what’s next? Here are three things to avoid.

  1. Do not try to repair or fix or even inspect springs. This is not recommended as you might get yourself hurt or you might end up ruining your door’s mechanism.
  2. Do not try to adjust spring tension. Most of the people will recommend doing this but it is not a good idea especially if you have no clue what you are doing.
  3. Avoid using door opener. A door opener, in most cases, cannot hold the weight of the door. You will end up damaging it.

Things to Do

Here is what you are supposed to do instead:

  1. Avoid using garage door unnecessarily.
  2. Contact professionals for Garage Door Repair Cleveland. Let professionals handle it for you.

Having a garage door closing quickly with a bang is dangerous therefore do not try to fix it at home. No matter what is the reason behind the issue, you should get it repaired as soon as possible by contacting Garage Door Repair Cleveland.