Sunday 16 June 2024

3 Steps To Keep Yourself Healthy – Sleep Essentials

3 Steps To Keep Yourself Healthy – Sleep Essentials

There are plenty of measures you can take for keeping your family healthy; the most significant is sleep essentials. Sleeping on the right mattress and in the right posture can keep you and your family healthy and fresh.

Human body rejuvenates during sleep. The natural recovery process removes the unwanted toxins from the body and elevates spine and joints in the correct alignment. In this article we will discuss how sleeping on a simple traditional Japanese futon can result in overall great health.

3 Steps To Keep Yourself Healthy – Sleep Essentials

And before that, let’s discuss the other important steps which should also be taken care off – nevertheless, these two factors are also catered by futons, here’s why and how:

  1. Keep The Air Purified

Children spend almost 90% of their time indoors, while as per EPA the level of air pollution indoors is almost two to five times higher than the pollution level outside. Our homes are definitely energy efficient but they provide very little ventilation at the same time.

What actually is in the Air of Most Homes? To name a few, the air has: Formaldehyde and similar chemicals, carpet emissions, furniture gassing off, dander, pollen, dust, fungi, mold, mildew, viruses and bacteria. These mentioned and other bio-hazards have a huge impact on the health and results are illnesses as allergies, headaches, asthma, nose and eye irritations, flu, and other respiratory conditions.

Solution – Keep the air purified inside with the help of certain plants as spider plant, snake plant etc. You can also use air purifiers for removing allergens further.

Chemical off-gassing can also impact brain development, immune function, cancer, and reproductive issues.

  1. Get Rid of Dust

You cannot get rid of dust completely. It’s in our homes, no matter how often we clean our house. So the solution rather is to keep up with the dust, but use precautions as it can impact health more seriously.

What Does the Ordinary Household Dust Contains? The dust we have inside our homes has a mixture of dirt and soil tracked in from pet danger, fungal spores, from outside, human skin and hair. This might sound enough for being dust collectors but the main is chemical makeup of dust. Chemicals on various products as shoes, plastics, electronics, fabric, furniture, bedding and MATTRESSES shed dust.

Solution – The solution is to use organic products, vacuum house twice a week, wet mop the uncarpeted areas, vacuum drapes and upholstered furniture, clean hard surfaces with damp microfiber cloth and not toxic cleaners, leave shoes outside and dust electronics. Children are especially vulnerable to these bio hazards as they play on the ground.

SO, how does a futon mattress help you detoxify and stay healthy? How can a traditional Japanese futon bed be dust free? Here’s the answer and the main factor for keeping the souls rejuvenated:

  1. Replace Your Regular Mattress with a Japanese Futon Mattress

Your regular luxurious mattresses contain chemicals and fire retardants which are not safe for the health and particularly for kids. Majority of the traditional mattresses contain petroleum based chemicals, synthetic fabrics, toxic foams, and are treated with chemical fire retardants.  These chemicals convert into off gasses which you breathe in while sleeping the mattress.

Since most of your family times are spent resting, sleeping, or just sitting around on these mattresses, it’s wise to replace them with those made with organic natural material. And there is nothing more organic and natural than a futon bed. Authentic Japanese futon mattress is handmade by skilled craftsmanship with 100% cotton.

Pure cotton is the best material is the best material to consider when putting health in focus. Filling of cotton in futons allow proper air circulation which prevents the body from sweating during sleep and accumulation of molds. Since cotton fibers allow air to flow, it helps ease breathing making it a superb way of letting asthma patients to sleep well.

Tradition futon bed is even a greater choice for people complaining of neck ache and bad back. It elevates the body and corrects the alignment of spine and joints. Moreover, the clean and care routine of futons prevent accumulation of dust particles and similar health impacting materials.