Monday 20 May 2024

3 Tips To Create A Winning ‘About Us’ Page

3 Tips To Create A Winning ‘About Us’ Page

Your About Us page is the one area of your business website where you have the chance to tell your story; who you are, what your business is about, and what makes you unique from your competitors.

However it seems to be where a lot of businesses miss the mark. They’ll either shift their entire focus on the wrong things, or don’t include enough content to add any real value.

Here are 3 tips to really nail your About Us page

Create a Conversational Tone

The first step is to not treat it like a boring writing assignment, but to think about how you would tell your story to someone if you were speaking to them in person. What would you say and how would you say it? You don’t want to sound stiff and corporate, so try to be creative and speak to the reader, not at them. For example, Zero Above would write “We’re a creative design agency based in Suffolk. Want to get in touch? Contact us today and we’ll help you push your brand forward.”

Tell Your Business Story

The About Us page is a good location to tell the customer about you. Things like your motivation for starting the company, what customers can expect when they visit you and the story behind your name are good places to start. New customers are always looking to align themselves in a new brand, and if you can show a story of success that people can align themselves to then they are more likely to stick to the brand. For example, Zero Above is borne out of a desire to create valuable design and marketing solutions in the heart of East Anglia, driving success but most importantly having fun and enjoyment along the way.

Be Personable

It’s always refreshing when businesses take the extra time to write a truly unique About Us page. Instead of focusing on boring details, create content to capture your unique business vibe. With users indicating less and less attention span when it comes to online information its important to get the message across in a succinct way with any meandering discouraging the user to continue their reading.

As you’re writing the new About Us page, always be sure to read it over from the start to end out loud to see if everything flows as it should and if the personality of your business shines through. And do not be afraid to represent information graphically with infographics this will boost engagement to your page and increase the visitors time on site.

The tone of your content should read like you’re having a face to face conversation with a first-time customer.If it does, you’re on the right track, if it doesn’t, go back and do some more tweaking. Obviously there are differences with a high street shop and a corporation, but the essence is the same as you are trying to engage and educate the user to the central ethos and passion behind your company.